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    Family Guy, American Dad, Doctor Who, Will & Grace, Friends, Red Dwarf, Sponge Bob, Top Gear, QI, Mock the Week, The Thick of It and others...
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    Ones with big colourful pictures in!
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  1. Yeah I'd say it has been a busy year, hard times for lots of people. Sigh.

    I work nights, so from 6-12 or sometimes 3-12:30am depending on when I am needed. Very tiring and completely messes up my sleep pattern coming home so late. Not that I come in any earlier on a night out, but...y'know? Not the same! :chuckle: Uni and work don't cross paths too often.


    We have been to quite a few, Teignmouth was epic. I was on the barrier on the first night, we were there at half 5 that morning - first people there. :D I was so proud! :chuckle: I really enjoyed the first night at the o2 despite the rubbish set. Probably because I was raving with everyone though, I barely looked at the stage :LOL:. Did you go both nights? I was seated on the Friday night.


    Yay Norn Iron! :D

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