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  1. +1 Haha, those people "Muse was good ... But The Resistance is SHIT, BH&R IS SHIT ..." Come on ... and if they make an album like OOS (or Absolution or Showbiz) ... They'll say "Muse is shit because it's always the same" ... I hate this, really ! xD Kate haters are just jealous, yep. Sometimes, I feel alone, because I love her movies ... XD *Wtf, you like Kate's movies ?!* I DO OKAY ?! And I have no problems with that ! xD Belldom ... REALLY WEIRD ... And those "babies" just dream about that ... Never understand why. And they have "Bellamy" "Howard" "Wolstenholme" and even "BELLDOM" or a name of a Muse song on their name, on Facebook... That's just ... Not for me ? XD The people who only love Muse ... And don't see how other bands can be awesome too... "WTF, You're going to see another band than MUSE live ?! You bought another CD !? NO WAY !" Muse is not the only great band of the world ... XD I dislike those people who asks stupid question(s) to Chris on Twitter ... "When Dom is having Twitter ?!" ... We all know now the answer, no need to ask that again... he tried, he failed. You can't ask Dom to sleep with you on Twitter, sorry girls. XD Those girls, who are ... 14-15 who wants to lost their virginity with Matt, or Dom ... OR BOTH AT THE SAME TIME ! O_o' Or just the girls who really think they are going to meet them, and finish in their bed... Hahaha funny but ... why, just why are they thinking that ... ? XD People who speak about Muse all the time, and know nothing else. Booooooored. People who just believe every rumors about Muse ... And then, they are disappointed about everything because it was JUST rumors ... Oh yeah, and I hate that boy who stole me ... I had Dom's drumstick, and he just stole it... Shame XD. Next time, I'll hold it stronger. ... And I can't imagine if Dom has a girlfriend what would be the reactions of some fan girls ....... I gonna hate it (the reactions, not the fact he still not single, haha), I'm sure ! xD
  2. I saw them 3 times, and actually, I saw New Born just one time, and ... I'm happy for that xD (I got Bliss 2 times so ...) and I was sooooooo disappointed that Matt didn't play the piano part live ... That I prefer Undisclosed Desires or Guiding Light live than New Born ... XD Before the show, I was really, really, really excited by New Born (for both parts, piano and guitar) ... And then ... NOTHING ON THE PIANO. Really, I was so pissed. XD
  3. Blackout - White ruled by secrecy - green the small print - silver sing for absolution - Silver knights or cydonia - Hmm, laser colour ... map of your head - ... Weed colour xD feeling good - white MK Ultra - Red Resistance - Blue bliss - pink space dementia - "night" blue plug in baby - Grey citizen erased - Orange cave - Black, like in a cave ... Not really light. XD dark shines - Yellow unintended - White muscle museum - brown exogenesis (all) - pale pink, or pale blue ...
  4. *Map of the Problematique [bH&R] *Sunburn *Stockholm Syndrome [A] *Citizen Erased [OoS] *Fury [b-S] *Undisclosed Desires [TR] *Map of your Head [b-S] *Knights of Cydonia [bH&R] *Ruled by Secrecy [A] *The Small Print [A] *Dead Star [b-S] *Blackout [A] *Bliss [OoS] *United States of Eurasia [TR] *Muscle Museum *Space Dementia [OoS] *Hoodoo [bH&R] *Take a Bow [bH&R]
  5. Best The Small Print (Well, I've never seen this live ... But I guess it's awesome.) Bliss (Awww, AWESOME !) Map of the Problematique Ruled by Secrecy MK Ultra Citizen Erased And many other. Worst New Born (since The Resistance Tour ...)
  6. There is a group on facebook for Pukkelpop 2011 ... just hope they'll come ! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=127445687287567&ref=ts Anyway, Pukkelpop 2010 was sooo great =)
  7. I want they play in PUKKELPOP 2011 !!!!!! They have to come ! =( They only come in Werchter, but in Werchter ... there only are 2 stages !!!! And in Pukkelpop 8 =( for the same price ... it's toooo expensive xD ! And I want they play in Glastonbury 2011 ! ^^
  8. Matt: His hands, his arms and his blue eyes. Dom: His nose, his legs, hmm ... his eyes, his awesome smile, and his BLOND hair (I really like his hair colour ^^) Chris: His eyes are also really beautiful =) his arms, his smile, and he's tall.
  9. My cousin, who is older than me, she was addicted to Muse when she was ... around 12 or 13. I was only 6 (or 7 ... xD) and she always listened to Showbiz and Origin Of Symmetry, I didn't really understand what the songs meant, because I could not speak English, anyway, I liked the melodies ! So I listened to Muse, like child listen to Hanna Montana now But I became a fan when I heard Sing for Absolution for the first time, I was addicted to the video =) and ... I still addicted to Muse ... xD Sorry for my bad english by the way ^^
  10. Mmh ... 1. The Small Print 2. Blackout 3. Bliss 4. MK Ultra 5. Sunburn 6. Muscle Museum 7. City of Delusion 8. Knights of Cydonia 9. Guiding Light 10. Screenager 11. Citizen Erased 12. Glorious 13. Stockholm Syndrome 14. Crying Shame 15. Hysteria 16. Host 17. Apocalypse Please 18. Invincible 19. Plug in Baby 20. Map of the Problematique
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