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  1. I've managed to nab some block 102 so I MIGHT have some block 105 on offer if my initial enquiries fail - I'll keep you posted! Either way, looking forward to this a lot :-)
  2. Might be completely wrong person but I was standing next to a girl in a warchild t-shirt who was a bit overcome during CE. Was that you? We were just really happy to be near like minded individuals so the crying was fine by me :-)
  3. I don't normally post much on here so please be gentle... However, reading through some of these comments make half the board sound so ungrateful! These have been great setlists in tiny venues that have given us lucky ticket holders some absolutely amazing gigs with rarities and more mainstream stuff. I'm sure their egos are big enough to take it but I'd like to say a big fat 'cheers' rather than complain that my particular fave obscurity wasn't played. Which it wasn't!
  4. Overall amazing gig with some great rarities and excellent sound quality. one little gripe though was the crowd around me - i was in the seats centre second row and got asked to sit down by the woman behind me as soon as i stood up! Seriously, who would go to a tiny Muse gig like that and expect people to remain seated? Looking around me most people to my right were seated for most of the gig - lad next to me filmed the whole thing and didn't look at the stage, sing or move once. Unfortunately when KOC came on sitting was not an option. Just unlucky choice of seats I guess, can't fault the music!
  5. joolsmaryg

    Psycho UK Tour

    Matt and Dom arrived about 530 yesterday though chris apparently had gone in at 300 so most people missed him. We'd been waiting for an hour or so but weren't lucky enough to be in quite the right spot for photos or signing! One girl with blue streaks in her hair got a hug and a fab photo - she was so happy that i can't begrudge her too much!
  6. Thanks so much for the LiveNation tip off - just got a pair of tickets now - yay!
  7. Sorry, but how do you register with Live nation? Gone to their Facebook page but can only find download tickets competition. Thank you!
  8. Just saw your post about going to shepherds bush on your own and wanted to say well done! I was on my first solo muse gig too age 36. I wanted to go, nobody else did so I thought sod it I'll go anyway. Hope you enjoyed it! Looking forward to Coventry now - live quite near you I think so shame I didn't see message before!

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