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  1. Just wanted to say it was a lot of fun re-reading this thread when the show was happening. Funny to see my show tweets make it to here and cause explosions of excitement. Hehe Thanks for that. (I am CraigHwk)
  2. Sorry you are unable to understand the point I am trying to make. And I will express my ideas and thoughts on the issue as I see fit. Forget I said anything about Radiohead and I will just say that Muse needs to change up their set lists more than they do. My opinion. I guess I need to keep it basic.
  3. Not asking for them to be Radiohead. I'm using Radiohead as an example of a band (that just so happens to be the target of many Muse fans) who does it right. There are more like them, but they are the best to use. I went to a Primus show here a month ago and I looked at other night's set lists and they too make each night fresh. I'm simply stating that static set lists blow, especially those that contain highly questionable selections. Dynamic, changing set lists are what I enjoy most. Thanks.
  4. Yah I understand what you're saying. And I am sure that is the main reason, but it is entirely possible that you can have two different setlists and still have songs that everyone will enjoy. Of course there'll be the "Staple" songs that always get played, but Muse has enough of a catalog now to make every night seem more fresh. Even if it's just a small rotation of songs, maybe 2 or 3 a night, would go a looong way with the fans. Pull from a pool of classics, such as Bliss, CE, Deadstar, Showbiz, Sing for Absolution, etc. I guess I'm not saying that I expect a 90% different set list every night, but I can't stand the static setlist that they have going on now. This isn't a direct Radiohead vs Muse thing, but look at: http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/radiohead/2006/bayside-san-diego-ca-63d6ba5f.html then http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/radiohead/2006/bayside-san-diego-ca-6bd6ba5e.html Hard to say that a fan who went one night and not the other would be pissed about missing either show due to the selection of songs. It's rather brilliant if you ask me.
  5. Since this thread is talking a lot about the setlist, comparing Radiohead to Muse is almost a joke. I saw Radiohead two nights in a row in San Diego and each night was completely different AND contained 23 songs. Radiohead shits all over Muse when it comes to tour songs. Now, Radiohead is more of an exception to the rule. Most bands play the exact same set list each night (Coldplay) and say the exact same things at every show. Muse is not much different, but I could never understand why a band plays two nights in a row with the exact same setlist (or 1 or 2 changes). It's almost embarrassing. They should realize that there will be a lot of people seeing both nights, and they should be treated to a very different show than they saw the night before. Playing the exact same set list is just sloppy and lazy. The two Wembley gigs are a prime example. When you're putting on a show of that magnitude, and you're not filming for a DVD, each night should be special in its own right and should NOT mirror each other. Muse may be one of the greatest live bands in the world, but The Resistance tour hasn't done much to propel them further up the table. Maybe they already recognized this since they've said they want to tone it down a bit in the future. We'll see. I think it's hilarious that people got so excited during the Denver show that the order of the songs was re-arranged, like Muse was doing something groundbreaking and exciting. Sorry, mixing up the order doesn't cut it.
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