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  1. Ah I've heard it already. I don't really like it enough to want to see him though :/


    It's not no.1 anymore, I can't find it :( what film was it?

  2. Ooh! That is so tempting.. I don't know whether I like his solo song enough though to wanna go see him. Is his album out yet? If so, I'll give it a listen and get back to you on whether I wanna see him or not :)

  3. aww. i don't really either no. but that's because i haven't really got invited to anything. i'm such a loser :p


    Tbh I don't know.. i haven't spoken to him for a week. i think he's gonna choose another girl over me :( i see him next week though so i guess i'll find out then. i just think he's gonna have changed his mind. i'll be surprised if he hasn't cause things never usually go my way when it comes to this kinda stuff :p

  4. Hey, I'm okay thanks. You?


    You should do that hehe. I didn't celebrate either.. bad times :( Why didn't you?


    That's an awesome cover btw. :D

  5. Yeah exactly. Best to think of it that way. :)


    I know what you mean. Stupid procrastination. I know right! :( I don't know what had gotten into me.

  6. Oh fair enough. :p


    Haha yeah exactly. Jeez, how awful. :(


    Of course I have motivation for music! That sounds terrible. I just haven't been in a guitar playing mood this week is all. Haha I spent all my money on clothes. Oops. :$

  7. Well probably not.. just more important to me I guess. That'll be sad times indeed, but I suppose it is for the best yes.


    Oh dude. That's harsh. If that's what she's like then she's obviously not worth being sad over.


    Yeah. :happy: He's real cool. And I don't know.. I've felt so lethargic lately. There's no reason why, just me having no motivation. I can't quit my job. I spend too much. I've already spent all my work wages and I only got paid last friday. :shifty:

  8. Oh awesome. :)


    That's kinda the same with me. Except Muse maybe.. I can't afford to be paying over the odds for multiple muse gigs when it's like £45 a ticket. Too expensive. :(


    Why not? Is she still wary because of the distance?


    Things are pretty okay I guess. I like a guy.. he likes me back. We're just gonna stay friends for a while though and then maybe see what happens. So yeah, nothing much in terms of that. But overall, okay I guess. Still lacking in guitar practice. Bad me :(

  9. :chuckle:


    what do you have to save up for? Also, hows things with that girl? ok I hope :)

  10. Haha I'm sure I've explained before.


    Oh right :chuckle: That's cool. It is a lot of money. :(

  11. Yeah I agree haha. It is very strange.


    I prefere falsetto in them languages too. It makes the vocals seem more like an instrument.


    Haha oh dear. :p I'm sorry I didn't tell you about it before. I wouldn't be allowed to go to iceland until I'm atleast 18.


    bleh I feel so horrible. sorry I'm slow at replying.

  12. Yeah :) Cool, you should haha.


    Yeah exactly hehe. I'm good thanks. :D get on MSN now! how about you?


    Oh that sucks :(

  13. Múm! I love Múm. :D Have you heard their album Finally We Are No One? (with the old singer) It's so beautiful.


    I know.. typical right. :( I always get into bands after they've toured here.. it's so annoying!

  14. Cool! That is amazing. :D where did you go?


    Haha I bet. :)

  15. Well quite long actually.. like..2 hours perhaps. I can't quit my job, i need the money and there are no other jobs going.


    Hehe thanks.


    Oh that's horrible.. yuck. :( You best save up then. Iceland is so expensive *sigh* everyone thinks I'm mad for wanting to go there but that's just cause they have no idea what it's like and think it's completely covered in ice. :facepalm:


    Ah okay. thanks for the advice haha.

  16. Happy birthday. Your birthday is one day before mine haha. :happy:

  17. I just do.. we only get a lesson specifically for our instrument once a week and it's not enough!



    Yeah. I can't have any time off. It's my birthday tomorrow and my manager won't even let me go home an hour earlier.


    Did you get tickets for french gigs? I can'tttt :( the year after I will be able to go to gigs abroad for sure. I'm saving up for iceland :D


    Awesome. I dunno about favourite.. KoC is my fav live. :D


    will i be able to use the lovefilm code despite having done a 3 month trial before? are you allowed to do more than one?


    haha sure, you weirdo :p Thanks. :) Just out of interest..what colour is it?

  18. Aww. :LOL: yeah it's going great except I feel like I'm not learning enough there. I'm coming home and researching tons of stuff myself because I can't wait until we're gradually taught it in a year or whatevers time. And I don't have enough time to practice guitar at home. :(


    Oh dear. :LOL: Why am I not surprised? hehe. I'm so temped to buy tix to the stade de france gigs but i shouldn't.. i need to be buying music equipment and saving money. I should prioritize (sp?) my music over seeing muse if i really cared.. which i do haha.


    merci. :D

  19. Oh right haha. Nothing in particular. I get holidays yeah.. I am part time too so I'll be off in jan/feb probably. I've not been up to much. College. :) What about you?


    I would like another trial, yes please :D

  20. Yeah.. I don't know why, it just does. Yeah I do, they are usually rude yes haha. Can't say that I get close enough to them to smell them though haha.


    Yessss. I don't get any days off.


    I'm sure you will make friends. There's bound to be someone who will be like you. :D

  21. It's not really. Just the standard shift really. Saturday is 9-5 which is sooooo much better than 10-6. 10-6 feels like a 9-5 with an extra hour added on top, seriously.


    :( swap for a couple days? I haven't had a day spent at home in ages. :( uni should be good for you, bet you're excited huh. :D

  22. Aww, that sucks. :(


    Yeah it is.. especially sundays. 10-6 (we never get to go home at 6 though cause we can't leave until the whole department is tidy). it feels so much longer than a saturday shift.


    Damn.. how annoying :(

  23. Oh cool. :) Cambridge is such an awesome place to be from though.. so many great people were from Cambridge.. Matt (duh).. pink floyd :D


    My job is okay.. very tiring though. I worked like 16 and a half hours over the weekend. :(

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