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  2. Funny you mention ninja skills... apparently Dec 5 is World Ninja Day. I have a question... according to an email I received from BEC management, we aren't allowed umbrellas. I mean, I'm not even taking a bag... I thought I could leave my umbrella under my seat or something. So does this mean I have to check my umbrella into the cloakroom? It sounds like a pointless waste of time and space for just an umbrella.
  3. On the radio this morning where Matt said “Hi this is Matt Bellamy, I’m from a band called Muse and I grew up listening to Nova *Cue a short pause* did I say grew up? I meant to say threw up”. And then Undisclosed Desires was played (and cut short for an ad break).
  4. And here I thought the scientific community would have learned after the Hendrik Schön scandal In all seriousness, I hope the use of that as their cover is legal... I wouldn't want some awful fight between my favourite band and one of my favourite magazines.
  5. Ooooooooo you have me intrigued, give me a play-by-play :awesome: All those adjectives you just used would totally not be used by me to describe my time in court :LOL:


    :LOL: that's why I want them on Hey Hey, to see if they'll be asked to mime or whatever. they better do something that'll impress the crowd AND thrill us, the true fans :yesey:


    :D So more Thom means faster-moving time and therefore closer to Muse? So Thom Yorke always leads you closer to seeing Muse? :LOL:


    Yeah I know, but I wish...I wish I could have enjoyed THAT era of Muse more. Now I miss it.

    :LOL: That'd be a very long gig. I'd sit through it all though :D

  6. Ha ha ha no this was more on the ettiquette of court reporting and what needs to appear in a court story. The only lawish bit in the lecture was the stern warning we got about not being in contempt of court when we take notes and write up the story. And what I saw in court was interesting and daunting and harrowing :eek:


    :chuckle: Matt on drums will forever be one of the things that can make me laugh no matter what :p


    Ah cool... I can't believe it's already midway August. A Thom-themed couple of months sounds like an awesome way to see the year fly by :)


    Ah yeah but back in 2007 the gig was at the Riverstage... not so cool as what we get to see in a couple of months ;) Maybe they should play everything in a chronological order :chuckle: Imagine that :LOL:

  7. How on earth anything to do with the law could be interesting, I guess I will never know :LOL: I hope whatever you get to see in court is ten times more interesting than what I saw, and you can understand wtf is going on :chuckle:


    Muse miming is only funny when stuff happens that you weren't expecting :p Rolls, stockings, swapping places, eating mikes, waving of arms...all elements of a good mime :p


    awww you're so sweet :kiss:


    Thanks :D Decided the next couple of months will be Thom-themed, the only non-radiohead thing I have on here now is my undertitle...although that's easily fixed in a couple of weeks ;)


    :LOL: To them, I think it is. It makes them the band they used to be; Twilight and tapping into a mainstream market makes them the band they are now. As much as I hate to admit it, I think I preferred them in 2007 than in 2010. Should have seen them when we were 16 :(

    They don't "have" to, I sure hope it doesn't turn out that they put a showbiz song on their setlist and then ran out of time to play it. I hope they squish it somewhere in the middle, if they are going to play one.

    But at this rate, we'll be lucky to get 2 OoS songs.

  8. :p awwww well... the secret definition of lectures is "boredom" :p although today I did have an interesting lecture on court room reporting :rolleyes:


    Awww I thought the miming to SMBH was funny too... I dunno, guess I'm easily amused :D


    Ha ha yeah Muse were the first band I had ever wanted to see live. And in threeish months time I get to do that with my best friend... what could be better? :awesome:


    Speaking of Radiohead, nice avatar!


    :chuckle: You make it sound like Showbiz is some kind of contaminated thing :LOL: I'm sure they will play a song from Showbiz... they have to! :supersad:

  9. Well it's about the most exciting part of the lecture, I just haven't really enjoyed any of the vids during the term so far...hopefully that will change soon :D


    You know they've been on that footy show before, miming SMBH? :LOL: They didn't do anything then, everyone was in their right place but it was pretty dead :noey:


    You've been waiting longer than I have so I think you'll be happiest out of both :yesey:

    I will die if Radiohead even come out here. I guess that's the great thing about seeing AFP live: there's only really one definite set of material.

    As usual, just use recent setlists to make a wild guess.


    MM + Sunburn are the songs we secretly desire but unfortunately...they won't touch Showbiz :(

  10. Ha ha that sounds like you've got an awesome lecturer there! Wish my lecturers gave us breaks with fun stuff in them.


    Yeah I think it was just "first time playing these songs" jitters... they've improved since then ;)




    Specially when Matt is on drums, Dom is in lead + bass and Chris is on guitar and keyboard and they are playing Uprising on an Italian football show :LOL:


    :p Yeah We have different answers but we still have the key songs that are similar. I think we will both be happy because this is a band we've been waiting a long time to see live. Wait till Radiohead come out... considering which songs they will play will be intense!!!! :p


    As an afterthought, I really want to see Muscle Museum live too.

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