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  1. Reading? Ha, Leeds all the waaaaaaaay!

    Actually i hope they play V again, goood times!

  2. Hi sorry! haven't been on for aaaages! haha, too much stuff going on!

    good christmas? x

  3. I think they were £60

    well worth it though :)


    nice one :)!

  4. I'm sure you'll get a chance soon :) xx

  5. sorry darling, I havnt been on for ages lol! loads of college work.

    Wicked, I saw Muse at V fest this year, amazing, but I didn't expect anything less! lol


    Ah, lovely, I've only been to London, always wanted to go to Brighton, loads of good bands from there :)

    and I've got a couple of friends from Russia :)


    Well, I like certain aspects of England, such as cream teas and the country side :) and i love London! but i've been to better places, but I think everyone thinks that their own country isn't as good as others lol, and I dont actually live in a city, not too far from Leeds. It's not bad, I'd rather live somewhere more interesting though lol, I like Manchester but I dont get to go enough!

  6. Alien or not, I still love him ;) haha xx

  7. No, i live furthur up north in Leeds :)

    Awh cool :)

    I don't know much about Russia, it nice there? lol

  8. hiya :)

    im good thanks you?

    and no i was born in july lol, im a summer baby :)

    im lucinda, nice to meet you!

  9. same :'(

    and i'm cold!

  10. ah, how did i know it would be you leaving that message? :LOL:

    oh, i like your hair :D

  11. oh, that won't be neccesary :) I shall be there in a few seconds...i got caught up in the caption thread... :rolleyes:

  12. ...

    oh dear, i feel slightly unsafe now...

  13. Hii :)

    Thank you ! :D

  14. Oh :)

    I might just do that, at last lol!

  15. I'm good thank you :)



    and yes I have, and i've never looked back ;)

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