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  1. I think it's nice Muse have contributed to Twilight seen as though Meyers such a big fan and they were an inspiration for the books or whatever, she'll be loving it.
  2. Matt is an alien.... FACT! x

  3. Hey enjoying the snow?? x

  4. Reading? Ha, Leeds all the waaaaaaaay!

    Actually i hope they play V again, goood times!

  5. Ha Christmas was awesome... NYE well not so good! Def looking forward to the supposed realease of Muse's new album this year, hopefully headlining at Reading 09!!!

  6. Hi sorry! haven't been on for aaaages! haha, too much stuff going on!

    good christmas? x

  7. Hey how you been again?? x

  8. I think they were £60

    well worth it though :)


    nice one :)!

  9. I'm sure you'll get a chance soon :) xx

  10. Damn you for getting to see Muse live!!! Its not fair :( lol x

  11. :)


    wow..you saw muse;) cool!!

    the tickets at the V fest was expensive?

    how much?;)


    oh..I'm going to England the next year;)

  12. sorry darling, I havnt been on for ages lol! loads of college work.

    Wicked, I saw Muse at V fest this year, amazing, but I didn't expect anything less! lol


    Ah, lovely, I've only been to London, always wanted to go to Brighton, loads of good bands from there :)

    and I've got a couple of friends from Russia :)


    Well, I like certain aspects of England, such as cream teas and the country side :) and i love London! but i've been to better places, but I think everyone thinks that their own country isn't as good as others lol, and I dont actually live in a city, not too far from Leeds. It's not bad, I'd rather live somewhere more interesting though lol, I like Manchester but I dont get to go enough!

  13. oh...Leeds...cool!!!:)

    mm..Russia is no bad country..but I don't like .I live in Moscow.. i can't stand russia music...Muse were in Moscow..15' October 2007!!! It was a fantastic concert:):)


    I'm adore England and british music!! :)

    english people is very nice))))

    I was in England last year..:)

    I was in brighton, kembridge, oxford and london:):)

    London my favourite city and brighton too)))):p


    tell me about yourself...

    do you like england? and city where are you live?;);)

  14. I'm sure he is, his laugh is out of this world lol! :) x

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