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  1. haha... Ok. Wow... It been so long we've been here and since we've talked. Yeah, I'm doing ok =D How about you? Are you still into Muse? :rolleyes: hehe...I still do, after listening to Unsustainable :p

  2. have you changed your username? Cause I don't remember seeing your username? Still around once in a while but not as much as I do before :p

  3. Work and currently I had a boyfriend half a year ago which made me totally neglete all the things around me :p


    Lol.... We definitely did have lots of fun with all the jokes that we keep on going round with. Currently I'm being stationed to take care of a counter to promote and take reservations for Christmas and New Year. Right now it is quite slow which made me have a lot of free time on my hands and not to mentioned being bored to death as well :p


    Hehe.....hmmm.... just wondering, are you still into Muse or not really already?

  4. Hi Erica!! Long time no see. How are you my dear? ^^ Didn't though you'll still be around cause most of them isn't. :happy:

  5. Maria!!!!!! Hi :D:D:D

    Haven't seen you a long time! How are you? I thought I'm not going to see you again. I'm so glad. :D I miss you so much. Nice seeing you back here in the forum :D:D:D

  6. Happy Birthday!!!!



    Although I don't know you :D

  7. Opps, I'm so sorry my stefko. Got reallybusy these past few weeks. Only got time to read post but not to write them :p Hehe.... cause my 2 days off got splited up so didn't have much time to come around the computer. Okay to answer your question(sorry, I thought I told you in the last reply. Looks like I missed out. :p) Obviously it start of with Dom and then the drummer from Paramore, Shahnon Leto and finally the guy you don't know know is the drummer from the group Melee. He is quite cute :D Haha XP

    I'm okay about 30STM. I do love their singles but didn't really do much research about the band. So I guess can't really call myself a fan. :embarrased:


    Lol.... I think once we hit 16, our free time is getting shorter and shorter :erm: Life of humans. Unless you are some billionaire and even them have to work their ass off for a few months :erm::D

    Talk to you some other time. Keep in touch Ste :happy::kiss:

  8. Haha.... Yay! Can talk to you for hours... on nonesense :rolleyes::p Haha... I miss talking to you so much. When you say you might have more time in the future so see you around, for a second I thought you are coming to Malaysia. :p Hehe..... It would be nice to see you btw. But since now I have your address, I can go and stalk your house when I go to Bulgaria XP haha

  9. Ste!!! YAy!!!! You are around. I thought you went missing already. Awww..... I miss ya so much. How are you and how have you been doing? ^^ Still haven't receive any letters yet? You don't know how much I miss you Xp haha As for me, been working and so far no Muse coming into my working place yet :p haha :LOL:

  10. haha... Hi!!! Yeah, haven't seen and talk to you for a along time. How are you? As for me, the usual busy with work as almost all adults give and by golly I feel like I'm getting old. :p


    Awww..... Good luck for your exam then and the important thing is don't stress and don't panic ;)

  11. Lol... if there is a PM in this account, I bet it's going to be full in a few days :rolleyes::LOL:

  12. :LOL: Awww..... Poor you


    Guess you come to the age where you are busy with general exams and school :p

    Did you recieve my card anyway? :erm:

  13. Stefko!!!!


    I already recieved your Christmas card!!!! about 2 weeks ago :embarrased: :p

    So sorry for not informing your earlier but I went my relatives house cause of Chinese New Year celebration. Sorry!


    And you don't come online over here anymore! How come? :(

  14. omg, you are still around!


    It's so nice to see you :D

    Still troll around? :p

  15. Haha.... Congrats on winning the pornogenic obsessed muser :D:p


    Hehe... They should change it to pornogenic dedicated muser :p You do deserved it, being so loyal and dedicated to PMT even after for 7 years :happy: (not including the part where scarier than noobs, just ignore that :indiff:)

  16. *ahem* Someone is self promoting :rolleyes:


    :chuckle: Hehe... Happy New Year, Stefan Stoev :D


    ps.have you go my card yet?

  17. Happy New Year my dear!!!! :kiss:


    You look so cute!!! :happy:

  18. Happy New Year!!!!!


    althought I'm a few days late :$

  19. :LOL: thank you. you too have a great christmas and new year :happy:


    I love to talk to you but looks like I got to wait for my next off day :erm::LOL:

    Nice to meet you Davy :happy:

  20. :happy:

    Aww.... I glad you like it. I was digging my head thinking what to buy for you since I never chatted with you before. :D:chuckle: I'm so happy you love it. Enjoy it and have a great Christmas :D


    Ps. I love the lyrics in your av :rolleyes::chuckle:

  21. Aww.... I have to go off soon. Nice talking to you and remember my card :D:p


    Take care, k? and hope to see you soon :D:kiss:

  22. Lol.... 6?! Wow.... If it's just your friends staying around the neighbourhood then it shouldn't be too costly :happy:


    I don't really celebrate Christmas... :rolleyes: just doing this for fun :p

  23. Secret Santa is what they played in the banter chat. Max take all our address, randomly roll it and then sent to each participant the person that they need to send the gift too ^^ Kinda fun actually :chuckle:

  24. :rolleyes::LOL: Should report to the Mods about it :p

    Hehe.... Aww.. Thank you so much. I feel much better now.... suddenly, now you said it, I don't feel the headache anymore :stunned: lol... hehe,,,, nicey :D:D


    Aww... ok, will do. Then we both exchange address then. :D Did you take part in the secret santa btw?

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