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  1. Wow... my last log in as a member was 1 Aug 2013 Haha.... That's how long I've been inactive. I gotten married and gonna be a mummy soon but still go crazy over Muse when I listen to their songs Their new album is coming out soon and Dom is so skinny these days. Anyone heard their new single already? I belum lagi
  2. And anyone going to celebrate NYE today? Going anywhere tonight?:happy: Happy New Year's Eve and Happy New Year eveyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
  3. Hehe.... tergelak aku dgn lagu nih! :rolleyes:Hehe.... we all should meet up more often After the meet up, I tak habis habis headbanging in the car(listening to Muse album ) until sampai rumah also still don't want to get out from the car haha...on why I say i will look super perasan if I say what I'm gonna say now on fb is cause, ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... remember the year when Muse were nominated for the MTV Asia Award for Best Live and I keep on going around this thread and PDT saying how to bug Muse to go to Genting? haha... and although Muse did not go to Genting, but.... Dom did a very funny video of him in the cowboy outfit with the MTVA Award for their thank you video. Haha.... From then onwards, I keep on thinking that he did that vid as a fanservice to me:rolleyes: (I know, I know, damn perasan right. Haha!!! Can't stop laughing silently while typing this.... dah la in the office) Btw, kak Faz, bila nak makan kita punya makanan Korea ni?
  4. :D:D haha!!! Nice nice! How's the DVD by the way? Is Dom still as cute as ever? (aku ni, asyk duk Dom aje ) Celaka btl Muse ni, didn't inform earlier that they are going to release the making of the album DVD If I buy the album+dvd, what am I gonna do with the other album? Not to mention I might need to buy the Hulabaloo cd....
  5. Saw this on Dom's twotter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gk1Jk7pLlAU&sns=em :rolleyes::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL: AND it's really fun meeting up with you guys, Kak Faz and Liz. Can't stop smilling the whole night after we left Miss you guys lots!!! and hope there will be a pre or during urbanscapes dinner :happy: PS: and can't believe Taylor Swift won best live award for mtv ema, beating muse, artic monkeys and others... Feel a bit sad for them (muse)
  6. I'm not going for Urbanscapes... (cause I dunno most of the artist) Btw, created an event for the meetup on 13 Nov, Deepavali Day on fb. Could advise on the place to meet and what time? Any idea which shopping mall wont be crowded on public holidays? Well... For me, I think Paradigm, One U, even if they are packed, at least there is still parking space.. and are we eating as well or just drink? If want to go to KLCC there is the convinience of LRT but KLCC mall is always so crowded on public holidays. If don't want mall, any other suggestion? Or else we can picnic at Stadium Negara(people will think we are gila...:LOL:) or go to Traders Hotel...(and where else did they go when they were in Malaysia?) And Big Bang was great!! Of course not as epic as Muse *sorry kak Faz* because I still keeps on thinking when is Muse coming again every time after going to a concert ...(no idea to smile or feel sad... lol) Will tell more detail about the recent k pop concert haha.... if got time
  7. Used to think like that as well, till got exposed to it. Well, if you do happen to watch/listen to it, you will understand why I got addicted by their reality/variety shows I seriously miss Paul the cruiser. So far never been a DJ who plays all the pop/ rockish songs that fit our taste like him :'( Lol.... Erm.... I'm think Miele will gtell us if she did ;D hehe.... It will be a great to meet up!!!! We can catch up with each other lives and fan rant about Muse as well haha.....I'm fine with 3 Nov or the week after ^^ Awww.... Most probably Muse don't want to take so much photo =P haha.... It's ok on Kpop. We only talk about them when there is no Muse stuff to talk about or when there is something exciting going on in kpop ^^ On Muse album, when I first listened to it, I feel they are like going retro with their songs. But the more I listened to it, there is actually quite a lot of upbeat songs as well and I'mgetting more addicted to it Having a new album made me excited for their concert. I hope they will come to Malaysia cause I don't think I can afford overseas concert due to recent financial commitment And on Big Bang concert, it's today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha..... and till last week, they are still selling tickets for BB concert >.< I hope they dont oversell the tickets till it become like the Foster the People gig. That was scary. People was pushing so much that a group of 50 people actually fall down and it took us about 5 mins to stand back up cause everyone is practically on top of each other.
  8. Kaya: How come you are listening to their album but can't wait to buy it? Illegal download ka? Aww... Ya la..Mungkin dah tua dah kut ..haha,,,, Dom punya drumbeat isn't so obvious as before but also because of the type of songs they are singing. Seriously Matt is going into retro rock:rolleyes: Yeap, there are kpop fans here but I don't think there's many of us in the forum anyway I bought it from Rock Corner. Grinning like an idiot when I saw this... and I can't believe they put lyrics for Unsustainable. It's all the reporter lady that was reading out.... Let's read it out in their concert PS: sorry for the big pictures... Tried to resize but didn't work
  9. I saw this in the cafe just now!!!!! dnklsrntnrdjhkf htkhcg!!!!! :LOL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ek0SgwWmF9w Ta Dahhh!!! The vid is out!!! hehe... when I heard the music on the tv, I'm thinking this sound so familiar, like something I should like. When the ma..ma...ma.ma...mad..mad.mmad came out, squeeeeee MUSE! *jumps around* unfortunately Dom has only a small part in the vid and Happy Malaysia Day guys!!!!!!!!!!! I know it's a little late... >.o =P and to Ethanhunt: Hi! Yeah, who doesn't like Muse's live performance must have something wrong in their head Where are you from?
  10. Looks like no one is here HAPPY MERDEKA GUYS!!!!! AND TO ALL MALAYSIAN Hope you all are enjoying yourself watching tv at home or outside looking at fireworks Picture courtesy of (http://kalamjauhari.blogspot.com/2011/01/new-year-fireworks-celebration-klcc.html)
  11. Eh, Kak Faz, I have searched but there is no specific thread for Kpop(general) itself, just the group(like TVXQ, Super Junior, etc) Should I create one?
  12. Kpop pun kpop la. Bagus ba I dunno... maybe all along I'm more of a mainstream girl? I didn't fancy survival until I saw the Olympics one and Unsustainable, I feel in love almost instantly so honestly I dunno why is there so much hate for it. Yeah, there is dubstep in it but doesn't it also sound like what Muse always do with their riffts and what Matt always do with his electronic guitar? o.O I also want to go to their concert to the extend I almost wish I am a British citizen, so I can go to all their tours in Britain since they always do in a few cities. But they might pass Malaysia for Singapore again afterall Singapore have much higher currency than us *pouts* I didn't see the archery but I know that Korea is one of the best in archery. Even old monarchy is good in archery. Hebat in skills or hebat with skills and looks? WAH! which idiot go and post that in the forum? but honestly speaking, there is a lot of old fans who are no longer fans as well, some even switch sides to Radiohead and a lot of trolls as well
  13. I don't know is there a kpop thread or not in the forum but I'm too scared to go there cause usually they are quite fierce with the noobs Whatever la, we can promote kpop and Muse along the way Btw, I notice if you listen to madness to much the ma...ma..mad...mad....mad can get stuck on your head These days lazy to read the discussion/comments on Muse music cause too much fan war. Depressing la =((( EDIT: Sigh... They are a bit too strict la and sometimes I pity the celebs schedule also. It's almost insane. and it's not like they gain as much as any western celebrity. Only those who are really at the top(like snsd or big bang) earns more, the rest is most probably just a little more than a normal working people..... Yah, I saw running man the one where they went to Bangkok. Gwangsu got so many fans there. So funny!! hehe... and Nickhun's mum look especially even more like half ang moh. but then it would be nicer if they show more of Nickhun is running man. I feel his scenes is too little =P Did you watch the one where Yoona and Sunny became guest in Running Man? I LOVE that episode. I keep on rewatching and Sunny with Joong Ki's chemistry is so good http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EF_xdvn52As I still love this music/song to bits... Can't imagine how I'll react to this song in the stadium and the part i like the most is where the vampires,.... I mean people running thru the woods:rolleyes:......(not the vid, the song) That maknae is always the cheeky one.... Sigh... my fav in big bang changes every minute XP Actually Muse haven't release their single also comes out with their tour dates. NOW I WANNA GO.... :'( But sadly Chong Wei comes back before they closing ceremony. Kak Faz, did you see the gymnas match? the Korean girl, her name is Son Yeon Jae is so cute pssss...... the thread has been so dead for so long i thought it's gonna die forever:ninja: EDIT 2: HAPPY MERDEKA TO YOU TO KAK FAZ!!!!! and anyone who have been snooping around Maybe cause the rest dunno we been here spamming the pages
  14. Haha.... I'm not into 2pm, I'm more into Big Bang than 2pm:p, but Nickhun cuteness is so hard to resist. Argh... He looks like an Eurasian but he is not at all. Image too big, have to do spoiler =P Yeah, I heard about his driving incident. Just because of that, Koreans make a big fuss out of it. I know what he did was wrong but the way they treat him is like as if he did a hit and run or something. Sigh... because of that my khunnie have to go on hiatus for a while... =P haha... kidding *on my khunnie* the olympics one I so happen to stumble upon it but a lot of people are complaining that their own(Olympic) vids are not allowed to be posted. Maybe the Olympics people are blocking it. Did Astro show Muse btw, or did they got cut? The chinese girl is a famous Taiwanese singer. My brother used to like her before liking Girls Generation hehe... btw, did you see Seungri did a gangnam style dance? So cute XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZScKPVqJ6Q&feature=g-logo-xit EDIT: Oh ya la Kak Faz, just realise 2 more weeks is 1 Sept, bukan 1 Oct Blur la me.... hehe... Dunno why I keep on thinking next month would be October
  15. On unrelated news, Liz!!!! I heard this, Blink 182 Stay together for the kids http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1BFHYtZlAU and I got hit in the heart,..... I miss Paul the Cruiser.....:'( btw, my house internet is down so I won't be online on what's app for a long time I think. So just sms la
  16. Haaha..... Being obssesed with Unsustainable now At the rate I'm listening to it, I think I'll be able to chant what the woman reports in Unsustainable hehe and someone on youtube commented that "Muse does not have any concert gig after 21 Dec, do they know something?" Ekk... with Matt and his zetas conspiracy and everything, I feel a little freaked out Just heard Maddness and it does remind me of George Michael. It's a little old at first but getting used to it EDIT: Oh ya la Kak Faz, just realise 2 more weeks is 1 Sept, bukan 1 Oct Blur la me.... hehe... Dunno why I keep on thinking next month would be October I saw the Muse Olympic closing in youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ij3sgRG5sPY *Muse is in 2hrs and 19mins* Hehe, yah... I notice Dom is looking fine again I'm trying not to look at his part so much.... Been mmadd maad maad maadness with Dom for too long. Argh!!! Stick to Nickhun and when I saw this (due to the English word of Muse in the title) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpoHcV45dQg&feature=relmfu This vid is so deceiving! I thought she did a colab with them or something! Lol!!! Selamat Hari Raya to all!!!! and nut, sorry on behalf of all the chinese Musers on this post for not replying the CNY message. Thanks and huat ahhhhh
  17. haha... Ok. Wow... It been so long we've been here and since we've talked. Yeah, I'm doing ok =D How about you? Are you still into Muse? :rolleyes: hehe...I still do, after listening to Unsustainable :p

  18. This page practically gone dead.... Listening to their new single, Unsustainable just make me realise no which bands I'm into right now, Muse still..... dominates over them If I seen it correctly, the 2nd Law album should be out in 1 Oct. Less than 2 more weeks to go yay!!! and Kak Faz, because you said those people running in the forest looks like vampires running away, now when I see it again, it gives me that impression already..... Lol:LOL:
  19. have you changed your username? Cause I don't remember seeing your username? Still around once in a while but not as much as I do before :p

  20. Katy Perry is here last year but it's for world stage not her pure concert T___T and I'm not so obssesed about her that time as I am now :LOL: Year of the dragon made me feel like I'm having mid life crisis cause maybe I'm a dreamer. I have a dream of being able to do or create something that will save the animals from close to being extinct, going overseas to stay/work, do something fantastic and like for me before 24 that is year of the dragon, I still consider young but then after 24, it's like it should be more serious already.and I still have not done any of above at all. Npt even holidaying in overseas with the exception of SG.... and I'm not sure whether I want to continue in my line of work... *rant* (sorry for the long rant) O.O so many gigs in SEA this time of the year.... FTP is performance is great but there is some set back, be up with a story and review tomorrow as I need to sleep >.O =P Anyone free during CNY week or after? But during CNY week I can only do night as I'm working night shiftb Who is the American nomad vampire? can't remember.... Why is the least few chapters frustrating? I feel it's kinda kin chiong.... If it's like our TAR C O.O then it is big but the band would be so small only .... :agreed: It's fun! Hi Avia, have I seen you before? He did do his shoulder dance in Don't stop but dunno why during this gig, not much of a shoulder dance but he did his other quircky dance. It's fun to watch :happy:
  21. Why are there is many artist going elsewhere in SEA but not Malaysia :( Especially the big ones..... Wow, you are there for 3 days but still not enough? Must be really fun then
  22. OMG, there is so many gigs going on in early of the year. Simple Plan on 14 Jan, right after FTP, Avril Lavigne on 18 Feb(arghhh... wanna go!), Dashboard on 22 Feb, Evanescence on 23 Feb, right after Dashboard and the Jessie J on 16 March(I'm not really interested in this) And not to mention, I saw Katy Perry is going to Manila and Indonesia this month. Why didn't she come here or SG :( But the Philipines one is quite cheap. About RM 61 only for the cheapest area. Just 2 more days to go for 13 Jan Doesn't feel like the concert is just 2 days time after waiting for it over a month
  23. Sigh... you are not the only one who is waiting for Muse to come around. I miss their concerts and especially Dom haha Don't stop take some time getting used to but it is actually quite good ^^. Now is one of my fav from their album It's already year of the dragon... Suddenly I feel like having a midlife crisis this year T__T Miele!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just found out Avril Lavigne and Evanescence is coming to Malaysia as well!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gah,... so many concert to go to this early of the year!!!!!! Honestly speaking, I'm more into Avril and Evanescence than Dashboard. I don't feel like going to Dashboard anymore..... >.O Maybe we can do a meetup close to any of the gig's date? Then we can chit chat and talk the whole day aduh Faz, breaking dawn part 1. Takkan tak tahu? Yeah, I feel twilight movie is getting better and better ^^ So hopefully the last one is the best. Honestly people always say the first one is romantic(buku romantic la, movie.... tak ada la) but I feel the breaking dawn part 1 so far is the most romantic although Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson is still a bit akward onscreen o.O La, Dom tengah tunggu the right one, which might be me as well May the best girl wins, kalaula dia datang. Hahahahahah...... Yeah, Happy New Year Noor!! =D Are you going to any gigs? there seems to be a lot going on in Malaysia and in Singapore in early of this year. ^^ don't stop is great and the vid id even funnier Oh ya, Happy Belated Birthday, Nut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why fort canning can't be sold out?
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