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  1. Glad this is in a separate thread now.


    I too am still waiting for my CD/DVD that was pre-ordered ages ago. I have emailed shopsupport twice about it and had no response.


    The most annoying part is that I can walk into a shop and purchase the same item now, only cheaper. The whole point of pre-ordering it from this site was so that I could be enjoying it on the day of release. So many loyal fans have been let down.


    Last thing I purchase from the muse.mu shop

  2. just out of interest when you bought the ticket did you get to chose which block you got?


    No. My confirmation email just said four seats. Only an hour ago I checked their website nder "track your tickets" to find my allocation.

  3. Isn't there something about the stage being in the centre this time?


    Hope so. I am tempted to buy four more tomorrow to see if I can get better seats.

    Could sell the other four on here for any unlucky guys who don't get any.

    Will let you know.

  4. Thank god the upper tier isn't as high as MEN. I don't think my seats are that bad anymore:)


    Looks like we are in the same section - same row!

    2 GG 5-8

    I am a little concerned though when I checked the seating plan on ticketmaster site, we could be behind the stage. WTF?

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