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  1. I think you're probably right. Unfortunately, KoC is the only song where they actually pulled it off tastefully. In KoC they managed to walk those lines between comedy and quality, and parody and originality. By contrast, a lot of TR and T2L (mostly the latter) tracks felt like cheap ripoffs of other bands, songs, and genres, and the painfully bad lyrics were justified by the excuse, "Hey, it's supposed to be silly!"
  2. Lol, yep! But I think the vocal delivery and even lyrics are much better here; it becomes kind of pained, haunting, and wistful.
  3. I actually sort of agree with this. I think Reapers, coupled with its lyric video, does the best job of helping you (well, me, at least) to viscerally feel the things that Matt is literally talking about, ie drone attacks, the attitudes of the people behind these machines. The choruses make me think of the Ride of the Valkyries scene from Apocalypse Now: That is, the attackers are in this frenzied, blissful, happy, and bloodthirsty state, which is what makes it scary - the total lack of empathy. Then you've got the outro which sort of speaks to the reality of the drone attacks when you're someone on the ground. Not so fun now, is it?
  4. This is actually the only track I showed off to a friend yesterday. But he has particular taste.
  5. I feel like a lot of people are having a kneejerk reaction along the lines of "WTF is this? Is this even a song?" Hopefully, in time, more people will come around. I think it's a wonderful song, it just might take some getting used to for some people. It's very haunting, summons up the image of a burnt out church. Matt's vocals are really on point, doing a good job of filling in baritone, tenor, and countertenor. I doubt we'll see anything Gregorian from Matt/Muse again, but it is so refreshing to see Matt experimenting with harmonies that AREN'T inspired by Queen. I'd like to see more of this kind of vocal experimentation from Matt in the future.
  6. A lot of the second half of the album leads me to think that Matt should actually try to write some musicals... No, I'm not trying to be condescending. He should takes his talents somewhere where some gaudiness might be more appreciated. Revolt, the end of Aftermath, the end of The Globalist...
  7. I voted Drones, because it needs the love. Really though, Drones, Reapers, and The Handler tie as my favorites.
  8. I want an album of Matt doing Gregorian choral music. But really, I like Drones. I'd put it behind only Reapers and The Handler (that says a lot about how I feel about the rest of the album). Listening on headphones that have gigantic headroom definitely helps. I've never been able to hear lyrics in choral music, so that's probably a good thing. In fact, this is the only song where I don't have to listen to Matt's lyrics. So that makes it way easier to listen to.
  9. Could someone please articulate to me what flabbergasts them so much about the title track? Seems to fit perfectly well, it's actually MORE of a song than I was expecting. We always knew it was just an outro, did we not? I expected it to be less substantial than it is. It's actually a kinda fully fleshed out Gregorian kind of deal. And it's cool to hear Matt a cappella. And there are some really nice moments in there. I certainly don't expect it ever to be played live, except maybe as just a backing track as an intro to the gig / a specific song.
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