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  1. Hey thanks. Happy New year to you as well. Hope its been going good.

  2. Good to hear from ya. Hope all is well. Cheers

  3. hey. how have u been fellow muser. glad go see u still stickn with us how's life?

  4. thanks. happy new year back at ya. be safe

  5. I do the same. just like to hideout

  6. Happy b-day!!

  7. Well hello. Im good thanks. How have you been? Whats new these days? Glad to hear from you. Thought u may have been lost for good from here. Take care an hope to talk soon.

  8. lol.. well thats good. Im so so. Lifes full of ups an dwns an lately ive been on the dwnside. Trying to keep a positive attitude. Glass half full, right? Nice to hear frm ya. Cheers

  9. Thanks an right back at ya. Hope its a great year ahead. Be safe...

  10. oh pretty good. thanks

  11. hello. hows life going 4 ya?

  12. boring here as well. most of the time anyhow. where you from buddy?

  13. sure thing buddy. hows life going?

  14. Merry xmas to you as well an thank you. you celebrate xmas in japan?

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