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  1. I'm a little tiny bit worried about that; I often buy stuff on ebay or amazon from UK that takes about two weeks to arrive, sometimes a little more. Hope the courier company don't mess up on this one. I thought at first that they'd do that to avoid people selling their tickets on the internet but they're doing it anyway, so what's the point of waiting until the last moment? I second that.
  2. youre right! Got confused, it was at calderón. fixed.
  3. which part? They did play it, and I suffered from some hysterical "leave me some room".
  4. I'm not camping either, but this time I might go a few hours before, as soon as I get to madrid that day. The venue is much more smaller (such a shame, those guys know how to put on a great show on big ones) and the response of the fans on the buying ticket thing has been overwhelming, so I assume this time people will be more... uhm... competitive? They played Neutron Star Collision in Santiago de Compostela. Teenies went nuts. It was in Vicente calderón, june '10! It's such a mess. First, the presale on here, then the disinformation, ... I totally understand those feeling frustrated. Just seen a guy on twitter offering a couple of seated tickets for 75€ each. They didnt even last 5 mins on his hands. I hope next time they do things better with the (pre)sales. Ive seen someone around complaing about "only 3 gigs in France". Oh, well... seems it's never enough. What I think: they will come back. Definitely. They always do. Probably a gig or two more both in Portugal and Spain. I expected it to be nuts, which is why I tried to ensure my tickets asap. I mean... last time in Santiago it was 25000 tickets and got sold out in about half an hour. And it was a festival: more bands expected people may not like (only Jonsi was confirmed along, and he's not much popular around here, so...no, people didn't buy the tickets to see him), less time for muse than in a normal gig and definitely not his usual show (I mean...they didnt have their stage and all). Still, the response to the announcement was overwhelming as well, and they had already played in madrid, bcn and portugal (it was one of the last of the resistance tour gigs), so what did they/we all expect? I feel bad for all those who can't find tickets, and I know it's not much of a consolation but they'll come back. Maybe next time, when they do a 2nd round. Be steady. p.s.: those of you trying to find tickets, be very careful who you trust. Everyone wants some so there are always those who will try to take advantage.
  5. Depends. The one ive been to in Madrid (calderón), I arrived when they were opening the doors and people just weren't queuing (besides maybe a few who wanted to get 1st row). We got 3rd or 4th row, and didn't have to fight, push or anything. We even stopped to take a few pics at the back when we got in. People just weren't interested in the big pink opening. Pretty cool, if you ask me, I hate queuing. I'd never sleep in there to get a spot. p.s.: oh, le twilight musers... hope they don't include neutron star collision on the setlist this time. I printed them at la caixa's atm machines before and never had any problem. Unlike those bastards from crowdsurge, who charged me 6.65€ for the ticket shipping without asking!
  6. yes, there's the subway very near. http://www.palaciodedeportes.com/eng/localization.htm good luck to all of you still waiting on resolution; if not, there's a presale at livenation tomorrow at 10 http://www.livenation.es/event/321354/muse-tickets see ya there, hopefully!
  7. Keep up the hope, they're still sending (positive) confirmations; I just got mine for madrid. Havent noticed shipping charges before either; 6.65€!? Why oh why.
  8. I really hope they're done sending emais before tomorrow at 10am, whether I got them or not, cause if it's the second I wanna get mine at livenation's presale. This is so silly. I hope they do things different next time. does it?
  9. By tomorrow do you mean wednesday? That's what it says on their page. Anyway, folks on the other thread say we sould get notification on the pre-reservation today, tuesday. http://tickets.muse.mu/en/ So I gess that if I don't get said confirmation I can go for livenation's presale tomorrow, right?
  10. If you guys clicked twice, it must be that. I've only been billed once. So the tickets are allocated today? I think I read somewhere that we would recieve confirmation tomorrow wednesday. Oh, well, I'll just wait.
  11. Well, the ticket price is the same in Spain as last time in Madrid but in a sooo much smaller venue. Great pricing for the flight though so here I go. I hope the new stuff makes it worth it as well.
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