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  1. Your avatar is just plain On topic, it was a great cover, that guy's voice is more well suited than Matt's (Imagine Matt blowing out his lungs to that song :LOL:)
  2. I think The Resistance has two different interpretations: 1- It's a visual representation of the album; all the styles and genres are represented by the colors. The recurring theme of 'Resistance' is present both in the songs and the General Artwork 2- It's a representation of Exogenesis, in the way that the path the man must go through to save humanity will only lead to the start, or 'Earth', representing the idea that what happens in the song is just a big cycle and the humankind will have to go through it unless they change
  3. Part 1 is here: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/m/muse/exogenesis_symphony_part_1_overture_guitar_pro.htm Part 3: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/m/muse/exogenesis_symphony_part_3_redemption_guitar_pro.htm Not sure about part 2, though. You must have guitar pro installed to read the tabs, btw.
  4. They should do The Wall (The Entire Album). Al I can Imagine is grandiose orchestral elements, Soaring synth arpeggios and other electronic elements, kick-ass Kaoss Pad Solos and vocal harmonies between Dom and Chris ...and Dom
  5. It's not a parody, it's a reference. And the Family Guy reference is of Pink Floyd, not Muse. Sorry.
  6. Top: Knights of Cydonia Exogenesis Screenager Bliss Butterflies & Hurricanes Bottom: Hoodoo Pink Ego Box Undisclosed Desires I Belong to You Yes Please
  7. Ok, so after a long time of no one posting and off-topicness. I'm gonna post a question someone probably answered before. Is there a way to have a kaoss pad nstalled on a guitar with a tremolo system? With or without tremolo, how much would that cost? Thanks
  8. No news regarding the shirts? EDIT: Never mind
  9. Play MK Ultra live!

  10. I don't know if anyone has noticed this before but, During the intro & first verse of Uprising I can hear several high-pitched bleeps, bit they are very faint
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