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  1. am lost now! :LOL:

    a collection of what?

  2. oooo a ticket for what! :LOL:

  3. :eek::noey: aha!it was awesome!
  4. good thankies!!! :D i got quite close to the stage! :LOL: netty got closer though! :happy:

    good to hear! :happy:

  5. a good thanks! maria!

    hows u?

  6. hey NETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AND sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    AM SO SOSOSOSOS EXCITED i really hope i see u guys but i dont think mna cous want s to saty at mainstage all day! :(

    x x x

  7. yeh blame him! lol He forst it down me! lol!

    yeh i shudnt come on pmt drunk!

  8. i wasdnt drunk!!! Lol ok maybe i was....


    aoh coole okies!!! wuyb ya to!


  10. naira!!! he.lya!

  11. awwwh no! :stunned: ur comp is a bitch! *bitch slaps*

    okies well i mite be msn..but i appear offline aswell:ninja:

  12. hello there crapcake!! :eek:no i didnt block you ma msns pooped up! :(

    oh coool! :cool: il prob speak to ya later but tbh i cant be bothered goin on pmt as much coz its too addictive! :LOL:

  13. AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz tem me ur back! :happy: for good!

    hee hee yeh erm sorry bout tht...:LOL:...:cool:

    hmm not sure just bored of it i think.

    awwwh u hav a headche,,:( get dr bellamy on to it! ;)

    am good thanks! i hope u feel better soon!

    cheers AM! speak soon!

    x :happy:

  14. goood best way.:happy: .ma mate had it the worst...she lost it to a guy after a week of goin out with them! :indiff: i was quite annoyed at her!

  15. awwh :LOL: no need for advice then! i was kinda drunk..:stunned:.i only had 2 vodkas and coke! summit happens to me when i drink....not good though!! but i always know what am doin.

    if i didint know who i was shaggin ad be worried..cud ba a eprvy old man..wakin up the next morin with a weirdo in ya face..:eek: *shudders*

  16. awwh :LOL: ...well advice, first time take it very slow. :yesey: oh and dont be drunk..

    erm i actually cant remember i just remember itcoz off what i sed! :LOL:

    Yeh thts true!

  17. well she sounds like she wants it...more curious..!! :LOL: its over rated.

    awwh, pmt isnt like pwopper pmt anymore..more like random banter :erm:. :LOL:

  18. :LOL: has she actually had it yet!

    awwwh...me kinda aswell am gettin bored of the same thing over and over. and i with AM gone...

  19. i dont get what u first sed! :LOL: tell me wheneva!

  20. :LOL: well am goin bed now! so ur gonna be bored more! aha! c ya stefko!

    x x

  21. :LOL: what they all on bout in ymt..:chuckle :p
  22. :LOL: yes she did...i do on tht photo coz of the angle!! hmm what u doin readin stuf on ma profile u nosy thing! :p
  23. cool! :D

    i think i maybe made pmt a little dirty oops!

  24. :eek: netty u are far from fat! I think its lovely! :happy: u look coool with black hair!!
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