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  1. voice is a bit weak on that



    but the guitars awesome! xD!


    Oh, yeah! I just discovered this one as well!!!! I love the raw guitar solo!


    :D Me to. thts why i like it. the rawness and bellamys screams!


    that one was amazing!!!

    it sounded like he was just pissed at something and he was going nuts

    loved it


    now my fav is toss up between the SMBH Alt. Live video and that one. Alt Live cuz it has my fav solo and guitar and voice are absolutely beautiful in that one.


    woo woo!

  2. Interviewer: If u could punch or snog, either or, anyone tonite who would it be?

    Matt: ooo thts a tough one...snog? theres quite a few slappers around!!


    Dom: Rod steawarts daughters lookin pretty nice tonite..so she looks like she can..

    Matt: who who....!?

    Dom: :rolleyes: Rod Stewarts daughter, u know shes , i think most blokes in this place tonite would like to snog her..so u know am one of them!

    Chris: I dunno whos here..av got no idea! who would i punch? i wouldnt punch anyone, ad song, erm..

    Dom: Kely Osbourne for a start..

    Chris: yeh maybe maybe maybe.

    Dom: shes a lovely girl

    Chris: She looks a lot nicer in the flesh..a hell of a lot nicer..*laughs*

    Interviewer: and matt...

    Matt: cheap slapper u know what i mean!!..anythin..anythin!

    Interviewer: anythin?

    Matt: yeh..*giggles*


    :eek: matt..:noey:


    :LOL: tht interview cracks me up..so i posted it..:stunned:

  3. Okay, I'm telling you this because I have on-stage singing experience.

    Using a microphone by itself is not that easy. You need to keep the microphone at a really close distance, so it catches the sound. Delivering the sound to the noisy audience is not that easy to do, even with amps.

    And I use a portable microphone. Matt uses a static one, because he plays an instrumet as well. So, he needs to stay close to the mic at all times, so he doesn't longen the distance between, while playing. He can't back off the mic every time he needs to take a breath, and it's hard to not breath energetically, while trying to out-sing a whole audience. So, don't be so critical cuz it's not as easy as it seems.


    :eek: STEFKO U SING!!!....get urself on youtube!!:LOL:

    but yeh i agree with what ur sayin...he would prob end up with back problems:stunned: if he had to bend away from the mic all the time!!

  4. thx:happy:

    And obviously I wasn't referring to you but today's joiners;) (who participated for 60% when I posted that)


    ahh i see dam i didnt realise were on the 10 th of july today!:eek::LOL:

    hee hee wow...new noobs fun!!


    didnt matt suffer from asthma


    thts what i sed before....but am not sure..:erm:

  5. I love Muse's songs, their the most creative songs out there. Everything is fantastic about their songs accept one thing, Matthew Bellamy's breathing in for air. I cant get over how loud and annoying it is. It takes away from the beauty of the song in my opinion. So my question is, why does he do it, and does it annoy you guys? Dont get me wrong, their brilliant in their music accept fo the breathing.


    Guitar Player


    p.s Im new here so hi.:)


    hello there..:happy: .nice to meet ya...*shakes hand*

    anyways back on the topic..yeh i cant listen to time is running out anymore without laughin at his breathing..:rolleyes:.its very sharp and more noticible the more you listen out for it..same in feeling good...and other songs..the more you listen for it the more you can hear it..so maybe you could just try to ignore it?:LOL:

    but yeh does spoil it a bit but hey its muse and theres no changin tht..:LOL:.maybe he has athsma...or summit..:stunned:

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