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  1. hopefully it wil be! :happy::D..i see u lurkin agen! XD! hav fun!

  2. AM...u still hav to pick a poster..:LOL:

    am goin manchester next week so i can get really old ones

    like the origin of symmetry tour poster

    one froom 2001 of them all mit ehav bin earilier

    a harrp one

    one of just maffo.

    or the ones tht are out at the moment! just tell me as soon as u can! ;)

  3. Hello Anne..soz i had to go...:eek: but i came back and replyied! :D!

    shakepere plays are quite boriMg to read so ur not missin anythin! :LOL:

  4. Hey AM!!!

    lol i couldnt find away to send ya a poster with out creasin it soooooooo...:chuckle..i bought you one of the internet so it will get there in the a pwopper way. :LOL: its still the black and white one..il send ya some pics and letter still though! xD! shud get there in a couple of weeks let me know when ua get it! i miss ya sooo muchy! :(

    speak to ya soon! yayay!! xD!

    x x

  5. Hi is your ticket still available!? Thanks! :)

  6. :cool: well the weathers not brilliant..:LOL:

    wow thts a nice name..never heard of it before!! :happy: nice to meet ya then!! austin texas..never bin there maybe i mite go there one day..when am older!!..

    o am pearl!! :)

  7. :cool: then i wish i had ur weather, england in weather..not hot..:noey:!! awesome, did u see muse in austin then, i watched tht gig on you tube..its brillaint..!! :LOL:
  8. ASM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i wuev yas deaer!!!

    amd rdrunk anf imisssssss yah!!!!!!!!!1111

    domej rukes sop doed mat! sdeapk sooon!


  9. AM!!! i misses ya!! :(...not seen u in like a week and a bit!! :supersad:

  10. :LOL:...well we should make a group called save doms leapord shirt!!! :chuckle..il join it! ;)

    oh okes no prob il get u one of all the band when i go next week and post u it! :D

    Will u be on the board tonite..thts when i can come on...i hope u can..:(

    x x

  11. no i havent..:( but am seein them a v festival..ma first time yay :D

    wow uv bin a fan for a while...me since bhr..me is a noob..:LOL: but i kinda hav everything..:chuckle

    dam wish i could hav gone then..looked good. on you tube..you tube does suck though..compared to the reall thing..hee hee

  12. heya AM!! am visiiitin!!!!!!

    I posted blond matt on pmt before 4 ya!!! ha ha and av got some more comin up!!


  13. AM.....*looks down page*...eek sorry bout tht..! :LOL:

    speak soon! :happy:

  14. Hey Kirsty! :happy: u ok?

  15. http://board.muse.mu/group.php?groupid=95

    :LOL: hee hee!




    okies now i wanna burn and save!:stunned:


    there a fire infront of me..av got hold of dommehs shirt..:p

    Me:...yeh..heres goes..*throws mid way*:eek:

    :stunned: no no no no no

    *looks at it* crap but its weirdy...:yesey:

    but strangly hypnotizingly smexy sexy.....nomdom..:eek:

    o crap undercided..!:LOL:

  16. hello :LOL: I see u alot lurkin in pmt!!...:p

    like ur user name by the way!! :) starlight it my fav song!!

  17. AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ellow!

  18. hiiiiiiiii!!! hee hee! :eyebrows: am guessin u play tennis! :chuckle i treid and managed to hit ma self..dont ask why!

  19. i know! :stunned:













    it was matts ass,.,......







  20. :LOL: am from england, north west and you? whats ya name btw?:happy:

    :cool:.hee hee u should post there!! :p:LOL: always more fun!! so when i c u il say hi! ;)

  21. AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz tem me ur back! :happy: for good!

    hee hee yeh erm sorry bout tht...:LOL:...:cool:

    hmm not sure just bored of it i think.

    awwwh u hav a headche,,:( get dr bellamy on to it! ;)

    am good thanks! i hope u feel better soon!

    cheers AM! speak soon!

    x :happy:

  22. hello:happy:

    u still tryin to work this thing out?

    am so confused over it all...:LOL:

    hee hee wuvs u. :kiss:

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