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  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. :cool: i bet u will be chuffed when its all done though!:) i hate it when coursework drags out for ages which normally happens to me coz i dont do it, then at last minute i realise i hav to! lol when i go to colledge tht will hav to change! :chuckle
  3. :cool: then i wish i had ur weather, england in weather..not hot..:noey:!! awesome, did u see muse in austin then, i watched tht gig on you tube..its brillaint..!! :LOL:
  4. :cool::eek: ur so lucky:LOL: guess u will hav to do more coursework. i hate revisin for them! :indiff: wastes time and it doesnt stay in my head! am doin ma gcses now
  5. :eek: i forgot to tell you tht AM got ur letter :D woo! grace told me to tell u! :happy:
  6. :eek: i was readin the muse keeper thread...and u asked to own me...:erm::LOL: fine with me! :p
  7. :eek: netty u are far from fat! I think its lovely! :happy: u look coool with black hair!!
  8. :eek::LOL: Its really ok stefko..:chuckle..u airhead!!
  9. :eek::noey: aha!it was awesome!
  10. :erm: i really dunno...:chuckle thy could hav come up with a better name:rolleyes: i thought megglen was gonna do it tbh!
  11. :LOL: :LOL: how funny..my reaction was like..:eek: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!...yeh see ya in pmt!!
  12. :LOL: at ur avatar!!..rocks really..;)
  13. :LOL: drunk agen parris! xD! dam i wish i was u rite now!!
  14. :LOL: what they all on bout in ymt..:chuckle :p
  15. :LOL: yes of course il pm it ya tomoz but now i got to go! :( ma mum caught me!
  16. :LOL: yes she did...i do on tht photo coz of the angle!! hmm what u doin readin stuf on ma profile u nosy thing! :p
  17. :LOL:...ur so random u ninjaaaaaaaaa!
  18. :LOL:..erica is now armed and dangerous....:chuckle
  19. :stunned::( *hugs* hope ur ok! i wont question it further.
  20. :yesey: am gooood...:erm: i drank vodka BUT shhhhh...i shouldnt hav makes me type weird! and i go hyper and say stuff! u had a good nites sleep! :eek: u were up late werent u! :eyebrows::LOL:
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