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  1. Hi is your ticket still available!? Thanks! :)

  2. oh wow ur so pwettiful. :D

  3. hmmm yeh thats true. i end up doin stupid stuff tbh! lol!

    av met lots of awesome poeple here i cant just abandom them though lol! :D

    aha.. awwwwww


  4. awwwwww. am tired to

    well.. stuff ;) mainly out most the time.:D

    i should come here more often tbh!


  5. hey am good thanks!! not bin round here for a while though :O lol how r u??



  6. NETTY!!!!!!!!!am goood thanks!! :)

    how bout u :)

  7. sorrry stefko :(

    maybe another time ey! :)

    hows you?

    am well just to let you know! av not bin round here for a while... eeeeek am even forgettin the smilies....cept for this one :afro: haha




    speak sooon duddde!


    x x

  8. Stefkoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! :D

  9. thanks. awesome do it then!:happy: nite nite! xxxx

  10. awwwwwwwwwwwh! well il hav to start savin up sooon! :( gutted for ya. av bin drunk every weekend.. goin ot a gig on sunday and on monday , mates party! :) *rave* cant u buy alcohol now? u cud hav a piss up wiv ur mates! :happy::)



    p.s am gonna goo bed now coz am weeeelll tired! so nite nite *loves* xxx speak soonies! :)

  11. lol hee hee! well at least u get money to buy better golf stuff! and alcohol! yaaaaaay! i was well pissed at the weekend.. oooo and the last one. lol :happy::)

  12. awesome so uv finally got a job! :D! good to hear! :) hmm college and mates really! lol!


  13. Sooorrrii, av not bin here for ages, well av only lurked for info bout it really. Not had time tbh. i can never stop long. too much stuff to dooo! but anyways hows u? *hug*

  14. nope am online! :)

  15. bin busy wiv college sorri! :( hows u anyways?

    miss ya hun. :kiss:

  16. cant be arsed. lol. av got too much stuff to do. i wont reply then people will think am rude.

  17. YEH STEFKO! lol i cba!

  18. wooo! i wanna post more am sooo bored! lMAO!

  19. ahahhahahaha! netty am no GOOD AT lONG WORDS!

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