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  1. Hello guys ! I have a great deal to sell ! Custom High Standard guitar made by Sims Custom Shop in England, this guitar is an exact replica of one of Matt Bellamy's guitar from Muse. Made exacly with the same material than Manson guitars (official guitar builder for Muse) and is the same, for quality of making and sound. Specs : mahogany body with blue mirror top, birdseed maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and blue mirror dots. Sperzel locking machine heads, fuzz factory inside, fernandes sustainer, bridge pickup is a Mississipi Queen bridge from Bare Knuckle Pickups (one of the, if not the, best I've tried in my life). I'm getting rid of it because I don't really use it anymore and need money for another buying. Price paid : 2500 pounds (+- 3200 euros) with bill as a proof (I can send it). Price asked : 1800 euros (shipping and revision included). Personal pictures on demand. Don't hesitate for any information ==> aerobauer@hotmail.com
  2. (Not in order) Showbiz : Sunburn, Showbiz, Cave Origin : Space Dementia, Plug In Baby, Megalomania Absolution (hard, it's my favorite) : Stockholm Syndrome, Butterflies and Hurricanes, Thoughts of a Dying Atheist Black Holes and Revelations : Supermassive Black Hole, Invincible, Map of the Problematique The Resistance : Uprising, Mk Ultra, I Belong To You The 2nd Law : Supremacy, Unsustainable, Animals Drones : Reapers, The Handler, Dead Inside B-Sides : Fury, Dead Star, Popcorn (so cheesy it's good!)
  3. You should have named this thread "YOUR worst Muse song" :-)
  4. Yeah but in the making of defector and globalist u don't see him once... So why not do the same after
  5. Worst for me : Panic Station... Favourite : Supremacy... Also, I don't share that wave of hatred for Big Freeze. [opinions!] I think it's a fucking great track that's both groovy and melodic [opinions end here!]
  6. Dont't think so because in the dvd credits in the booklet there's only "globalist" and "defector" mentioned...
  7. CE and Handler are great songs. I'm not so pretentious that I allow myself to say which song is the worst, so I just say which song I dislike. And Bliss is amongst them, ranking high, IMO
  8. Big heads up for the guy who voted for "Intro"!
  9. Apocalypse Please!! Not the hardest but great dark vibe to it!
  10. I'd say SS and TSP, and B&H too... It's mu fav album so hard to choose ^^ TOADA is fucking great too! (The verses of Reapers remind me a bit of it)
  11. Of course, we'll see in the long run. But the production is better here overall, it doesn't sound like a blockbuster like t2d law did, it sounds like a real album well thought, so maybe it'l stick longer
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