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    je ne veux pas travailler
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    I like hats and 3d films piss me off because I have to wear the glasses over my glasses and I believe that in a few years the only thing I'll remember is that I spent my days laughing at cats with captions...
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    Somewhere next to Spain.
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    music, games, television, interwebz, lolcats, science, explosives, LAZOOORS!...
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    Aspiring mad scientist
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    Muse,Green Day, kaiser chiefs,franz ferdinand, hoje, rita redshoes,Florence + the Machine, Pink Martini, Nouvelle Vague...
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    Spirited Away was awesome :D
    most of the Harry Potter movies too... dunno, I'm too lazy to think!
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    Hum... Mythbusters? I like Bones too oh oh! and Family Guy. OOOOH! Doctor Who!
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    It has to be at least from last century, otherwise my brain blocks.
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    *Origin of Symmetry
    *Black Holes and Revelations
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    Rock in Rio Lisboa 6/6/2008 9:45pm
    I skipped my math class just because I'm that badass: "Teacher may I be excused from class? kthnxbai!"

    Pavilhão Atlântico 29/11/2009
    "hell yeah!" ah e tal sing along e tal...blá blá pepitas de chocolate nas bolachas blá blá casino de Lisboa "Poke her face" is there anyone on the board that I met on the line? :D forgot your names and stuff.
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