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    Music and film are big part of my life, especially because for most of my life, they were the only things I could count on to be there for me and cheer me up.

    Muse are a very appropriately named band and I'm currently working on a few film-related projects inspired by their music and a dance too (i know, weird).

    I don't know any Muse fans in Tucson (where I live) so I'm always looking to meet people who are just as passionate about this band as I am!

    I hope to travel the world someday, working on films or maybe working for the Travel Channel or something similar.
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    San Diego, CA
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    film, listening to music, playing piano & drums, reading, friends, travel.
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    Anaïs Lucia Arias
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    Muse (I had to), The Beatles, Placebo, Sneaker Pimps, Starsailor, Daft Punk, Bjork, Clinic, Air, Kent, Myslovitz, Chemical Brothers, Radiohead, IAMX, Sigur Ros, Keane, Rufus Wainwright, Phantom Planet, Rooney, The Strokes, The White Stripes, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Tommy Dorsey, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, The Grass Roots, Neil Diamond, Bobby Darin, Donovan, Smokey Robinson, and much more!
  • Favourite Films
    Wayne's World, Little Miss Sunshine, Bad Education, Vitus, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Life of Brian, The Meaning of Life, Darjeeling Limited, Dark Knight, ROLE MODELS (!!!), 40 Year Old Virgin, Battle Royale, Harold & Maude, Billy The Kid, Detroit Rock City
  • Favourite TV Shows
    Monty Python's Flying Circus, Kids In The Hall, The Office, Daily Show, Colbert Report, Batman the Animated Series, Looney Tunes, Ugly Betty
  • Favourite Books
    The Know It All, The Onion, The Beatles by Bob Spitz, The Picture Of Dorian Grey
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    Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, Hullabaloo Absolution, Absolution Tour DVD, Black Holes and Revelations, HAARP, Sheet Music for all the albums
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    Phoenic - March 16, 2013
    Chicago, IL - Aug. 2011
    San Diego, CA - Aug. 2010
    Coachella, CA - April 2010
    Tucson, AZ - Oct. 2006
    Phoenix, AZ - Nov. 2004
  1. I love Muse and Batman, so I made a music video to Batman Begins using "Butterflies & Hurricanes": Thanks for watching!
  2. itzmoe

    Batman "Butter

    Hello fellow Musers: I love Muse and Batman, so I made a music video to Batman Begins using "Butterflies & Hurricanes". I'd appreciate any views and comments on it: I put a lot of love into making the video Thanks for watching!
  3. We need more rude people in this world. Shit Nobody Says
  4. Hello fellow Musers, If you like Jigsaw/ Billy The Puppet, Jason from Friday the 13th, are not tired of "Gangnam Style" yet, and like to laugh, check out my "Gangnam Style" parody video. I'd really appreciate it as well if you subscribed to my YouTube channel. I have a few Muse videos on there and will be uploading more Muse videos soon. http://www.youtube.com/itzmoe If you subscribe to my channel, I'll return the favor by subscribing to yours too! Thank you and hope you enjoy my video(s).
  5. It's a bit annoying, but when people find out I'm a huge Muse fan, they always respond with either: 1, "I love 'Supermassive Black Hole/'Knights of Cydonia!''" 2. "I've never heard of them." 3."Yeah, I love The Muse! (yes, THE Muse! This one's especially irritating, because they obviously don't love Muse that much, since they can't even get the band's name right. This comment is also usually followed by response #1)." It's probabaly because I live in the US, but I was wondering if anyone else gets similar responses? What do you hear most often? I'm not saying EVERYONE has to be a Muse fan, but (regarding response #3) I hate when people say they LOVE any band when they've only heard one/two of their songs. That just means they like the SONG (it's kind of like saying you LOVE sushi when the only thing you've tried is a California Roll, which is annoying too). Maybe it's just me, but I'm usually not quick to claim that I'm a fan of a band until I become more familiar with their discography. I don't think you can make a good judgment of a band's music by just listening to one or two songs, especially when it's a band who has produced several albums already. I wonder if anyone deals with this too and/or feels the same way.
  6. i just looked at your muse themed birthday party pictures :(


  7. The first time I heard ever heard/saw Muse, was when back in early 2004 and I was watching videos on Launch.com and "Time Is Running Out" came on. I thought the song and video were great, but it didn't really get my attention... The next day though, I started thinking about it and I looked up the video to watch it again, after the second time watching it (I paid closer attention this time), I was hooked. I immediately downloaded as many songs as I could find, burned them on to a CD, and listened to it on repeat non-stop for weeks.. (I eventually bought all their albums). I also watched the rest of their videos and I told all my friends about them too... I was able to convert some of them into Muse fans.... I'm extremely thankful I gave that video a second look....
  8. ooh, it sounds exciting. I hope someone will wear a spiderman costume :D I hope it will be a good party and I look forward to seeing the pictures.


    yeah I play the piano. Do you?

  9. Happy Birthday! I like finding people that share this birthday! I'm so jealous that you've seen Muse live so many times and that you met Dom! I cannot wait to see them again and I hope to meet them soon!

  10. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one!

  11. Happy Birthday! It's nice to have find other people to share a birthday with! Looks like you have a pretty cool job :) Have a great day!

  12. Thanks for the birthday wish! I can't wait for my Muse-themed birthday party next week. I post pictures/video of it later. I also suggested Muse-relatied costumes for my guests to wear and Spiderman is one of them :) And you play pianio too? Awesome :D Thanks again and have a great day!

  13. happy birthday :)

  14. Happy b-day!!!


    Best wishes!



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