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    I really like the sound of Germanium fuzz boxes/distortion. I have a BOSS DS-1, I know thats not very good to begin with, but it sounds almost lifeless compaired to a old germanium based fuzz where they add some character to the sound.
  2. funkyhair143


    Id experiment if I had more money and new more about elctronics, all I really know right now is how to read the schematics but I dont really know like why the parts are that way or how they make the sounds they make. hell that'd be fun to just play around and find some new sound out of the blue by just messing around with the components
  3. funkyhair143


    alright one last question then ill stop anoying you :] http://markhindes.easywebstore.co.uk/contentitempage.aspx?contentid=104400 those are ac128s right? im just not sure cause you said they were out of stock and those are in.
  4. funkyhair143


    hehe woops fuzz pedal then and i just found this on mouser http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?qs=JV7lzlMm3yKR3liu%2fAHJeA%3d%3d not sure if that would work or not? Its a NTE158??? any ideas?
  5. funkyhair143


    Alright does anyone know where to buy a couple of Germanium AC128s? Is there anything equivalent to that thats more abundant? And would a AC188 work in a "fuzz pedal" circut? Thanks guys:D
  6. :LOL:screw it then, thought it would be easier than that but I guess not, it was worth a shot. Thanks though Hugh Manson is a genius. Does anyone know how he does it with Matt's guitars?
  7. Ok I just found this website http://www.ezscreen.com/touchscreen.html sells touchscreens and stuff. They sell touchscreen drivers that can use USB ports, and from that is it possible to convert that USB to MIDI to control a Kaoss pad?? There ment to be used with computers so it's just a random idea I had I'm not sure how and MIDI stuff works so if anyone can help me with this it would be great to me and other people trying this same thing. It says is has X+,X-,Y+,Y- so I'm guessing that its still like the kaoss pad but USB. What I was thinking is that you can have the touchscreen and driver in the guitar, and if its small the MIDI converter, then run a MIDI wire to a box (or wireless system:D) that has a Kaoss pad bypass and everything else you need for this to work. If people have any ideas put them here we might be able to figure something out.
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