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  1. Yes, if I may! I get to Glasgow airport quite early....around nine-ish, so I'll be in town around...ten?

  2. Are you counting?

  3. Glasto and wembley :) of course, a meet up for a beer or two will be had!

  4. :awesome: kill, rape and steal! Not too bad thanks, you?
  5. Glad you liked it :awesome::LOL:


    You too :happy:

  6. Merry Christmas, Chris :kiss:



  7. Merry Christmas to you too, keep up the good work with all the spoof adverts :D I hope you'll have a nice Christmas :happy: x

  8. Oooh, nom! I love pie. Me too, so god damn tired :supersad:

  9. the more pie the better! What kinds of pie?

  10. you clearly are :awesome:!

  11. Ah, that was what I wanted to hear :awesome:

  12. Oi! More wine or not?

  13. this is the page in question (http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=68362&page=416) and where do I say I dont have one? You say I need more posts in my boat and that I should link my boat in my sig....but I never said I didnt have one :LOL:

  14. Did I say I didnt have one? :unsure: Oh dear, sorry - I'm on my second boat :LOL:

  15. ah yeah, the meets are the best :D

  16. Get one for Saturday - there will be loads floating around closer to the actual date - hten you join us at The Rocket at Kings cross for shots and Muse at the jukebox on the Friday :D

  17. yeah, on the Saturday. To the pub on Friday!

  18. Guiding Light AND Invincible?!?! Get out!

  19. yeah, I saw your fjällräven backpack and went "it must be her" but i chicened out...

  20. haha! wish i'd said hi, i was almost sure i recognized you :LOL:

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