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    [micro_cuts47]: Kandice, desde entonces primero pusiera ojos en usted, tengo deseé lamerse los oídos. Sus oídos han llenado mis pensamientos
    por meses. deseo poner el atasco en sus oídos. copio y pego a veces sus oídos sobre los oídos de las estrellas del porn. ¿usted llenará mis
    deseos y frotará el suyo los oídos para mí? también el alex tiene bolas grandes

    [zer0-1ne]: Kandice is 38, she lives in Wyoming with her husband and two dogs Minty and Fellatio. She has been a
    sales exective for Walmart for 12 years and likes Dolphins and films with violent sex scenes.
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    the motherfuckin space olympics
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    ball squeezins
  • Occupation
    stripper/maid/vomit sponge
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    lesbian fortress, the muse, franz, maximo park, the david bowies, a bunch of other stuffs
  • Favourite Films
    district 9th: teh fookin prawnz, legends of ronald burgundy, eternal sunshines, shaun and zombie friends, eddie scissordick, the clockwork oranges and various other ku bricks, and just about any tarantino movie other than deathproof, i would rather stab my eyes out with a blunt spoon than have to sit through deathproof again
  • Favourite TV Shows
    boosh, senor de familia, tim and eric awesome show great job, it crowd, dexterface, that show with the dudes and the turtleface that says 'bazinga'
  • Favourite Books
    everyone poops, comic books, everyone poops comic books
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    SEPTEMBER 21, 2007~SEPTEMBER 23, 2010


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