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  1. Wow long time no speak!! How are you? and thanks!!

  2. hey (:

    thanks x hope yours was too (:

  3. Hey

    well I personally think thats awesome !

    But I wouldn't know , Evermore arent THAT big . If you found the right person it could be worth something .

  4. hey (:

    how are you ?

    long time no speak !


  5. aww (: i miss you too.


    I've been really busy trying to figure out my life, with end of school exams and uni stuff.

    but i start uni next week... yay ! (:

  6. kris (:


    I havent spoken to you in... forever!

  7. lol :)


    thanks kris


    merry early christmas to you too :)

  8. Emaaa

    hey :)

    yea i havent been on lately... ive got end of school exams and have been studying :)


    how are you ?



  9. i edited yours. its gay but i needed to do something nice :happy:

  10. awwwh :( lol


    thanks :D

  11. well yea! obviously :happy:

  12. lies all lies !

  13. Emaaa


    yeaa umm myself and about 20 friends are going to Vanuatu


    you ?

  14. Emaaa


    yeaa my 2U maths was baaaad. I used to do physics but dropped it. Everything else was good though.

    umm im doing film and tv in melbourne next year :happy:


    you ?

  15. sounds like a plan, let me know with ideas etc

  16. yeaa




    maybe we should think about making a thread sometime soon, i dont know dom and chris as well as the groups. I tend to not talk in those groups.. .

  17. mm ok, maybe i should have a word with them.


    well i know doms had a video done before, but thats about it.

  18. :LOL: true


    what are we gonna do ?

  19. Emaaa

    hey :)

    awwh thanks !

    erghh i know... i hate exams


    how did you go in the trials ?

  20. :LOL: yeaa k that sounds like an idea !


    last time was hectic.


    whos is earlier ?

  21. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D i win
  22. Krissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :D

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