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    Don't really have one. Grew up in chicago, go to school at University of Illinois. Trying to make it as a crappy musician.
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    If not Chicago, then Urbana, IL...in the U.S.A
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    anything music. guitar, piano. listening to endless amounts of muse (and radiohead :P)
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    Freelance Musician
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    Muse (obv) Radiohead. Animal Collective....just to name a few.
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    V for Vendetta, Superbad, Adventurland.
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    30 Rock, Community, The Office, 24.
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    Don't really read much...does The Onion count as a book? Just finished reading "Fever Pitch" actually.
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    ...basically every single.
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    Chicago @ The United Center: March 12th, 2010
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  1. I posted this on reddit, but there isn't any coat check. So for us floor seat guys, it's either mosh in your jacket, or don't bring one. Unless you want to stand in back and hang on to it. Just a heads up.
  2. Is the website being slow/down for anyone else? And are their pit tickets left by any chance?
  3. So this is totally off topic, but I don't care: I really am not a fan of the artwork. I like the design, but they could have done even more with it if you ask me.
  4. Based on this poll, I feel like I am missing something. Why are you all so excited for supremacy?
  5. Trakis

    Lollapalooza 2011

    1st of all, I think doors open at 11. 2nd, is it bad that I'm now considering seeing coldplay? Last night's setlist really didn't impress me, and I have never seen coldplay.
  6. They are OPENERS. FOR FUCKS SAKE. OPENERS. Of course no encore. Of course only 14 songs. The majority of the people there are there to see rage. They are OPENERS.
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