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  1. Agree with most of them. USOE sounds decent in videos but when I heard it live it sounded pretty huge. Blackout from T2L tour was really disappointing.
  2. Ah that's alright then. Yeah, I reckon we'll just get the same three new songs and Mercy. I'd like to hear another new one but I usually end up being kinda disappointed with the studio versions after hearing the live one first. Oh and yeah The Vaccines are dull.
  3. Promised what? They've said it's going to be more stripped back and that's what it is so far. I wouldn't judge a whole album on singles. I think everything's sounding pretty good anyway. Hope you like at least a few songs.
  4. Những người chơi kiểu này thường hay thắng danh bai truc tuyen tren mang vì họ có xu hướng hù doạ bằng việc tố tất gây áp lức khiến đối thủ nhiều khi phải úp bỏ dù bài đẹp. Đây có lẽ là lựa chọn tồi tệ nhất cho casino truc tuyen uy tin cách chơi và thường là biểu hiệu của những người mới làm quen với song bai truc tuyen Những người này chơi quá nhiều hand,

  5. They showed the same thing on e4 last night I think.Was only Madness and Follow Me
  6. Couldn't get standing tickets for this even though I queued outside since 9 and was first in line and now I can't go to the Roundhouse gig.No gigs for me this year!
  7. Thanks Can't believe it! Really makes up for no Irish date now
  8. Just won a pair of tickets from the .mu competition.Can't believe it!
  9. Cos four visitor messages looks better than three :awesome:


    Hi :)

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