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  1. My smexeh wife put on ya red coattt (H)

  2. *points at her own avatar*


    Don't you know the song? It's so addicting! :D

  3. :LOL: Nightwish is nice!


    *sings banana phone*

  4. Görebiliyorum, çakal seni :D !

  5. Yeah I do :D You mostly listen to rock music :D I like Coldplay , The Killers, and Franz Ferdinand too, though I don't know much of their songs. :(


    Well I'm more into metal I guess :D


    You know , Pain Of Salvation, Children Of Bodom, Nightwish, Arch Enemy, Muse!! :D and some other rock or metal bands =)

  6. Yeah! Actually we've known each other for 1,5 years :)


    Hey Maria, what other bands do you like? ( I know you like Muse, haha )

  7. It's no problem, Maria!


    *cuddles* ^^

  8. Haha! *supermassive hugs back* :D


    I love your siggy !

  9. Hi there!! *waves* :)

  10. Why do you ask? :D

  11. *hugs back* *bounces* :D

  12. *hands Kris a slice of pizza*


    If you get what I mean... ;)

  13. Current Activity: Viewing Thread PMT 35: Fashionable Lab Coats, Pink Glitter Guitars & Funky Black Hair


    Haha I knew it!

  14. Helloooooooww!

  15. Heyy my bananaphone biotch where are u?!


    Your Metalhead <3

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