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  1. and now, a twitter whore's favorite song - Follow Me. Sorta blurry pic of Chris and Dom: Jenni Ann ‏@suchendlessfury When your heart is breaking. pic.twitter.com/mQnFgY8r EDIT: Undisclosed Desires
  2. This guy is on the sexy plane list, but i wanted to point out his twitter feed in case anyone cares - he posted some good pics, looks like he was in the photo pit. https://twitter.com/HamanMova
  3. Video of Knights Sideways, but still... Kimberly ‏@CakeAndCountry #MisfitBall #sandiego style #Muse at Valley View Casino Center http://yfrog.us/0owy6xjxvczvllqktlmoudgvz …
  4. If bliss is before it, I wouldn't mind either or both of those, tbh! EDIT: Jenni Ann ‏@suchendlessfury Monty Jam alriiiight! I don't think my tweets are going out though.
  5. @MattSilver Imagine being hit by a truckload - a truckload of rock & roll. That's kind @ AEG Live San Diego Sports Arena Truckload of rock n roll... it's the new face melting! EDIT: PS at #4. Yay for setlist tweeters!
  6. I'm a big fan of The Muse. I especially love their songs The Super Massive Black Hole and The Uprising. btw sexy plane twitter list - https://twitter.com/CaptJimmyKane/jka Currently playing Hysteria...
  7. ermagerd! the muse! @userdnov The MUSE in San Diego!!!!! Right now with @sirlytomingas!! I love them equally as much with Seth tonight!!! Sooooo exciting, omg! Edit: Pretty cool pic: @MattSilver Muse @ AEG Live San Diego Sports Arena
  8. We have a bingo entry and the gig hasn't even properly started Steph ‏@shihfufu blurry as hell pic bt opening act The Band of Skulls is pretty good. Also i think someone lit a blunt bc it stinks lol pic.twitter.com/Eh6k0kqv
  9. For anyone interested - here is a video of the choir performance of Follow Me from the beginning of the gig: ixjxGnPpV10 Matt & Dom came out and introduced them. oh, i don't know, didn't even look that closely... i was just basing off the person's tweet
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