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  1. I think after Chris' tweet last night we should retire the weed slot on the bingo card lol EDIT: Apparently now star spangled banner riff.... they should get a beyonce vocal track to go along with that *badumtssscchhh*
  2. oh dear... there's another one... ANGELINA ANGELINA ‏@angelina_heart excuse me but XMDIHSSSPXUSUEJIDNZIEBSOSBSOWBEKKSIZJIDNDLSND ANGELINA ANGELINA ‏@angelina_heart DRUMMERS ARE SO H O T ANGELINA ANGELINA ‏@angelina_heart Someone has weed in here omg Now we just need a spastic all caps Chris fan girl and the set will be complete! i guess the camera just caught it at an odd time lol
  3. I think they're on Knights now. What comes between SMBH and Knights...? I think that's where the prince cover was... BTW I found a friend for Jiseeellleeee ‏@JenHasPeanuts MATTHEW BELLAMY LOOKS SO FUCKING CUTE OMFG ‏@JenHasPeanuts IM CRYING MUSE IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!
  4. Yeah, I don't know what that guy is on about with RBS, no way they played that... aside from it being too early in the set, I think we'd have seen more response on twitter...
  5. aaaaaaand resistance in place of Bliss.... The question becomes... what do they do for night three? Since they're replacing both tonight... maybe they'll get daring and do Map and Bliss... or Hysteria and Resistance. The possibilities are endless.... or, no, actually, those are the only two....
  6. wace.... life's a wace.... EDIT: I like this pic... Jeff Menendez ‏@jeffe77 Survival #Muse http://twitpic.com/bx9572 Edit 2: This pic and caption made me laugh... Steph @shihfufu THIS IS THE END OF THE CONCERT pic.twitter.com/ULzLwJnJ
  7. Some pretty cool pics of the phones in the crowd populating the list right now... Kim ‏@Earth2Kim That's a lot of iPhones. #muse pic.twitter.com/Um1sg17x Steph ‏@shihfufu REEKS OF MUSE LOVE IN HERE pic.twitter.com/loPpyEav Andrea~ ‏@andreaJBLI HOLY SHIT pic.twitter.com/g6a7JBtO And Starlight is next
  8. Frickin' Lasers... Daniel Han ‏@snapmotive #MUSE. Oli Metcalfe is my hero!!!!! @grahambronczyk I'm going to be requesting some lasers for #Imagine http://instagr.am/p/UxkO8epACp/
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