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  1. thanks for the tip on the setlist tweeter, i was trying to find one... added her to the list... it makes me want to hit the a button like crazy and just get the heck out of there lol
  2. I'm hoping we get a setlist tweeter... not looking good so far, but the show just started... oh, and bingo... @FAWGOT Someone's smoking weed in here lmfao wtf is that even aloud inside the stadium
  3. madisonvlasic ‏@madisonvlasic "I want to reconcile the violence in your heart I want to recognize your beautys not just mask I want to exercise your demons from the past" madisonvlasic ‏@madisonvlasic "I want to satisfy the undisclosed in your heart" EDIT: Plug in Baby
  4. This pic was posted on the plane. Has nothing to do with muse, I just can't get over the amazingly high number of hashtags... EDIT: lol that link goes to the nail pic... BUT LOOK AT THE CAPTION. wow....
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