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  1. I bet they're talking about Take That
  2. well, if you take your age and subtract 10, you get 6...... and if you take the number of vowels in your user name (8) and subtract the number of t's in matts(2) name, you get 6 (add them, you get 10)..... and if you take your age plus matts age you get 45, which when you divide it by the number of letters in matt's last name that aren't l (5) it gives you 9... turn that over and you get another 6. So, in conclusion, I'm pretty sure this means you are the anti-christ
  3. Is it just me or were Matt's questions all music related/semi-serious and Dom's all kinda.... stupid?
  4. Yeah, it could have been him, but I kinda got the impression that it was more like he made the 27death club thread, people said he was a stalker, he made up a story, someone said "omg, are you the one matt talked about??" and he said "yes".... I mean, what would you expect him to say? I could be wrong, of course, but from what I read I got the impression he was just someone here to have some fun with people, picked up on their comments and told them what he thought they wanted to hear. I also get the impression from Matt's original comments that the stalker guy is more of a seriously paranoid type than a joking type. I don't know about that... it's the internet, anyone can claim anything. How can you know he wasn't just playing with you? You know why I ask this? Because I'M the guy! I've been stalking Matt for years, even as I write this I'm sitting outside his house hoping he comes out so I can ask him about 9/11. I'm so thrilled he's mentioned me in a couple of interviews! We were meant to be together, I don't know why he never returns my phone calls. It's like he talks to me through the CD's asking me to make contact and then when I do he ignores me.
  5. I'm pretty sure the murf who posted here wasn't really the stalker... sure, he claimed to be, but he also claimed a few other things I think he was just making things up...
  6. I thought it was "royal canadian bender" Also, I dont care what the booklet says... the lines in TSP are about curtains. Because they are: "sell, i'll sell your memories, for fifty pounds per year, adjust the cuuuuuuurtains"
  7. The first Muse song I ever heard was Hysteria... fell in love with it, downloaded it, listened to it quite a bit (I think it's my most played track on itunes) but for some reason I'm not really sure of, never thought to try any more Muse. Heck, I even once used the song to describe the kind of music I like... and yet didn't look any further into the band! It wasn't until I heard KoC when it first came out that I started to get into Muse. btw, i'm pretty sure the english word would be confirmation -- so not too far off!
  8. No, it wasn't like they were just playing random requests, they keep track of the most requested songs of the day and play them at a certain time. It's apparently been put on their playlist in the last week or so, and enough people wanted to hear it that it made it into their countdown. I'm just wondering if it's recently been released... or maybe it was out in NY and LA a while ago, and only just now trickled down here
  9. I was just going through radio stations while making some food and I heard a song I recognized. So, I thought "ooh, i'll leave this on, I know this song" then I realized what it was -- Map of the Problematique! I have never heard that on the radio before! The only Muse song I ever hear on the radio here is Starlight, and even that is rarely on. Then I realized that the station was doing a countdown -- it was the #5 requested song. It made me happy Was the song just recently released as a single in the US or something? I can't figure out why they would be randomly starting to play it here.
  10. ahhh.... when he goes up high at the end of Bliss! That's so it sounds so much better that way than just plain and normal like on the cd.
  11. I pretty much listen to all of them loudly, but my favorites are: Newborn, Plug in Baby, Stockholm, Hysteria, Knights
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