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  1. ah, so they did go to sleep! EDIT: Starlight... I wonder if it was NB or SS tonight... or maybe they just dropped that slot too Chye_Lin ‏@Chye_Lin 'I just wanted to hold youuuuu in my arms.'
  2. Najmi Salim ‏@NajmiSalim Muse live in Seattle! http://instagr.am/p/VN6pgxK2mV/ I would have cuz it's a rocking song But yeah, I think Starlight was released about the same time here as in other places, but SMBH and KoC were reversed for whatever reason.
  3. hey, i found a tweet! Susan ‏@GraphicSapphic At the MUSE concert. Dude can whail on a guitar like a mo' fo'. Fucking awesome. #muse First Single from BH&R: Knights. First Single from T2L: Madness. Coincidence...? EDIT: oh, and forgot to mention, they seem to be at the portion of the show where the minions of satan get a workout... Sarah Kawachi ‏@SarahFumiko Photo: Lay-zerrrrs! #muse http://tmblr.co/ZpcpMydCDl6h
  4. nbh96 ‏@nbh96 Matt just said he was getting stoned from the crowd lol and muse gives us bingo again EDIT: Julia ‏@styleandcheek I wanna see Kate Hudson! #muse this one has her priorities right
  5. Second night I've seen a tweet like this. @j_hornbrook Seeing Muse in Seattle... Such an effing disappointment that they are lip syncing! WTF?!! Are people these days so lost that they're shocked when a singer can actually sing? i was thinking... like... not the best advert for your cupcake biz there, guys
  6. I'm not so sure about these cupcakes... @KeyArenaSeattle Yum! @CupcakeRoyale made @muse cupcakes for the band. #MuseatKey #Thingsthatareawesome pic.twitter.com/MyVzHdJD EDIT: Jeff Brown ‏@Jome20 Opening to the #Muse show. So fucking cool. Big smile on my face. I guess this means the show is currently starting... let's see if we get any setlist tweets... not looking promising so far, but it's early...
  7. oh god... I'd forgotten that My gigs are in a month, by then they'll just be playing a recording of Isolated System over the PA system with some lasers and that'll be that
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