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  1. Gig going on right now... Tom posted a photoblab of Band of Skulls (and a pic of their setlist, if only he would do the same with muse and save us the time!) http://www.photoblab.com/blabs/5113253aba64e30200000005 EDIT: Looks like there are about as many people at the gig tonight as there are on this thread http://instagram.com/p/Vam10miHWz/ (btw at this guy tagging his pic with #katehudson) EDIT 2: Show has started Unsustationable @concertsteven #Muse #dubstep pic.twitter.com/ra0dj47N EDIT 3: Brief video of Supremacy: http://twitter.yfrog.com/0mt98zdvpmwvntzyuxmuycgkz EDIT again (since no one else is posting ) SMBH is back in it's normal spot... and with that, I'm out for the night!
  2. Uprising... EDIT: Kaitie ‏@kaitiecg Nothing special about tonight folks. Go to bed. Standard set EDIT 2: Show seems to be over, looks like we'll have to wait to see which one of NB/SS was played... and boohoo for yet another show without Plug in Baby EDIT 3: Bingo @kayjer Holy amazing show batman! They killed it! @muse
  3. Amreet ‏@Teerma Follow me you can follow me. #muse http://instagr.am/p/VVfRTBrQmY/ Not sure... the person who said TIRO came early amended her tweet to say Resistance was in there somewhere... could she have left out/mislabeled SMBH? I don't know. EDIT: Dave Labrenz, Q.C. ‏@oilfan72 Madness #Muse pic.twitter.com/CKaVWZaG EDIT 2: cool pic... Nathan Greener ‏@NathanGreener Like a scene from my favourite worst nightmare. Graphics amazing! What a show! @muse #yyc pic.twitter.com/H3aTGRMn
  4. They're on Knights.... @NickFox7 #muse is playing Knights of Cydonia and #yyc is sitting down. Brutal! EDIT: couple of very brief clips of supremacy https://vine.co/v/bnWZX65mOYW https://vine.co/v/bnWm79IPV9E EDIT2: Explorers on piano tonight. (edited to move my second edit lol the clips are both supremacy)
  5. @MapoftheOceans ....show over. Amazing. And Dom walked off with a red bra, haha. #Muse inorite? I'm just glad I'm going to both NYC gigs, I'm at least guaranteed a little variety that way
  6. So, after initially feeling sorry for them getting the megaphone treatment, I remembered that Edmonton was the city that got Bliss and RBS on the spring leg of the resistance tour and all my sympathy dissipated. Serves them right, they're overdue for a megaphone up there
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