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  1. your pic is awesome :):kiss:

  2. hey :D how are you?

  3. Merry Xmas Ste :xmas:

  4. hey Maria I miss you too :kiss: i might be away from the board for some time I had my operation yesterday and im recovering now.

    hope you're alright and the rest of the PMT ;) love you dear x

  5. i just fixed something that was wrong in my nose since i was born. I couldnt breathe with it cos inside it was broken or something. It was very painful after the operation but im better now and resting at home :)

  6. how are you? :kiss:

  7. :ninja: are you a ninja now?
  8. she was????

    DAMMIT :( and missed it.

    i hope I talk to her soon, did you meet her at least? did you find her cool? :D

  9. Im too lazy to go on the PMT again :(:LOL:

  10. omg :LOL: bem PCTer nao é assim tao mau :p

    so sou PMTer pk sou demasiado preguiçosa pra andar a postar em tanto lado... ja sou preguiçosa no PMT imagina os outros :LOL:

  11. haha pois.. infelizmente o Chris nao recebe tanta ateno :( um dia destes ajudo te a animar akele topico! :LOL:

  12. im so glad you liked her :LOL: cant wait for her to be back maybe next month hehe

    and I miss her on msn

  13. I did :D


  14. Happy New Year!!!! :D

  15. hehe its ok :p

    how are you ?

  16. im good just a bit bored :p

  17. well im too lazy to upload pictures... besides that place without AM inst that fun.

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