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  1. I'm not sure what you mean with whoops moments but I remember some time ago this guy who I got into Muse asked me something like: "Hey do you know where The Resistance video was filmed?"

    Me: "What is this video you're talking about"

    He: "The music video..."

    Me: "Yeah but which one can I have the link"

    He: "...you haven't watched it yet?"

    Whooops. And the video was out for quite a long time already :LOL: And apparently I had no idea it existed. I got him into Muse very recently and he already knows more than me :rolleyes:


    OMG tb es do funchal? sera k o meu sonho s tornou realidade e encontrei alguem da madeira aki? como e k taum as coisas? ta tudo bem?




    Sou e também és a primeira pessoa da madeira que encontro aqui então :p

    Está tudo :) ainda bem que não chegou à minha casa. E por ai?

  3. I could play knights of cydonia, supermassive black hole and exo-politics on the guitar before but I wasn't that good and I probably forgot it already =S


    On the piano I can only remember new born and plug in baby. I still know a bit of starlight and bliss tho.

    I really want to learn Space dementia someday when I stop being lazy lol

  4. ela dos açores... o que ja e mau xD

    eu tenho medo de ir aos Acores se os myooze fossem a Madeira e encontrasse o meu prof de matemática:stunned:



    bem tecnicamente ela nem nasceu lá certo?


    :chuckle: podes sempre vir.. ao meu concerto privado ;)

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