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  1. Rawwrr! its my fav polish crazy kid!

  2. Thanks dear :D it was fun.. gotta show you some pics later :LOL:

    wuvs ya xx

  3. Ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. thankish AMMMMM =D loves you xx

    ok i'll check =)

  5. you're the attention whore Dom :phu:

  6. :(


    well at least we will write. right?

  7. Wow you're right we haven't spoke in ages! Well I guess it's because I left the chat for good :LOL:

    Things are fine how about you? :)

  8. my teeth are white and shiny like pearls because I use colgate :phu:

  9. happy bdaaay lalalalal :party:

    check your love ship. i mean boat

  10. I see.

    Good luck with your new job then :happy:

  11. T-Rex

    Rawwr indeed

  12. happy birthdayyyyy :D

  13. Cheers powppa friend !

  14. dont leave !!! :(

  15. :phu: my only love is Matt


    Thanks dear :p Have a happy new year too!! May all your wishes come true.

    Dont ever stop being teh coolest person ever! xx

  16. I agree with Lynz dont gooo :(

  17. Excuse my ignorance, I haven't been on the board for ages but what happened to the chat? :LOL:

    Ohh what's the job? :happy:

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