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  1. :LOL: hahaha pois tava a falar com AM agora sobre isso e ja sei tudo o que aconteceu!! Tou me a partir a rir que nem imaginas. quero que essa gaja entre pra eu gozar com ela... fg quem me dera ter tado la :'( queria ver essa cena
  2. :LOL: its confusing
  3. :ninja: are you a ninja now?
  4. T-Rex



    nah me iz good dinosaur! :p

  5. :(


    well at least we will write. right?

  6. :phu: my only love is Matt


    Thanks dear :p Have a happy new year too!! May all your wishes come true.

    Dont ever stop being teh coolest person ever! xx

  7. Rawrrrr

    havent seen you in ages! (on the board of course :p)

  8. ammeeee :kiss: hey im fine thanks

    yeah Ive been too lazy to come in here these days :$ how are you? :ninja:

  9. anammmm

    Look at your photo. That's my sexy wife :D

  10. aww :( -hugs-


    I hope to speak to you soon too xx

  11. T-Rex

    aww thanks Grace :kiss: I am having a good day =)

    Hope you're alright **

  12. Aww thanks Parris! I love that pic :D

    I hope you're having a great xmas! :kiss:

    May you receive everything you wished for


  13. awww thank you Kris =) Yes I am having a great day *hugs*

    love you xx

  14. Cheese!

    Hows you

    I love your profile


  15. DAMMIT!! nooooooo not fair! I wasnt the first to comment your profile *cries* ( =P teheh nothing against you Kris dear)

    I m so busy with fkn exams biootch thats why im not here much

    you need to come more often to this board thing, everything is getting more cool I can even comment your profile yay lol

    luff you metalhead xxx

  16. é uma grande idea, pena eu nao viver no continente ;)

    Mas se for a lisboa nas ferias eu aviso. gostava de vos conhecer =)

  17. Excuse my ignorance, I haven't been on the board for ages but what happened to the chat? :LOL:

    Ohh what's the job? :happy:

  18. good :)

    well I play piano and I'm starting to learn electric guitar by myself. Im not in a band either because no one around here wants a piano in their bands :LOL:

  19. happy bdaaay lalalalal :party:

    check your love ship. i mean boat

  20. havent seen you in ages! :supersad:


    Happy Birthdaaaaaayyy ! Have a great day =)

  21. hehe its ok :p

    how are you ?

  22. Hey Kris!

    you changed your username :O

    it sounds good ^^

  23. hey Maria I miss you too :kiss: i might be away from the board for some time I had my operation yesterday and im recovering now.

    hope you're alright and the rest of the PMT ;) love you dear x

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