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  1. yeah how about you?

  2. I see.

    Good luck with your new job then :happy:

  3. Excuse my ignorance, I haven't been on the board for ages but what happened to the chat? :LOL:

    Ohh what's the job? :happy:

  4. Wow you're right we haven't spoke in ages! Well I guess it's because I left the chat for good :LOL:

    Things are fine how about you? :)

  5. anammmm

    Look at your photo. That's my sexy wife :D

  6. awww thank you all :happy:

  7. you're the attention whore Dom :phu:

  8. I love the new video :D

  9. oh no it will only arrive at Jurassic Park next week :(. But can't wait :D you?

  10. hey I'm good hows you? :D

  11. não tenho tido paxorra para vir aqui x)

    mas acho que agora voltei :awesome:

  12. Mariaaaa I'm right here :chuckle:

  13. everywhere... mwahahah!

  14. sobre o meet up, infelizmente vou ao algarve na pascoa e nao a lisboa. por isso :erm:

  15. happy bdaaay lalalalal :party:

    check your love ship. i mean boat

  16. é uma grande idea, pena eu nao viver no continente ;)

    Mas se for a lisboa nas ferias eu aviso. gostava de vos conhecer =)

  17. T-Rex

    Thank youuuu Happy new year!!

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