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    Im Sinéad!Im from Ireland!right bogger i am!XDI have long brown hair and blue eyes!not much out of the ordinary happens to me :3
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    drawing,playing guitar,maybe reading,being on the net and listening to music :D
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    MUSE!MANIC STREET PREACHERS!HIM,sid vicious,the sex pistols,billy idol,queen,david bowie,the cure,squeeze,ABBA,the horrors,the killers,E.L.O,franz ferdinand,fleet foxes,kasabian,placebo etc,
  • Favourite Films
    the rocky horror picture show,sweeney todd,batman,28 days later,silent hill,shaun of the dead,30 days of night,pulp fiction,district 9,hannibal movies...etc
  • Favourite TV Shows
    doctor who, the mighty boosh,family guy,south park,the simpsons,the panel,mock the week,have i got news for you,whos line is it anyways,argumental,top gear,the mitchell and webb look,nevermind the buzzcocks,QI,ANTP,most haunted,come dine with me,food shows just hypnotise me!o.o,and many more
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    the gargolye,dantes inferno,a version of reason and many more im struggling to read...v.v
  • Muse Releases Owned
    The Resistnace!,HAARP,BHAR,absolution,hullabaloo,origin of symmerty,showbiz,absolution DVD,hullabaloo DVD,inside the muscle museum,loooads of pictures,wrist band,2 t-shirts,3 big offical posters.
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    Marlay Park,Dublin, 13 of August 2008
    and to come....
    the O2 Dublin, 6th of November 2009 :D
  1. Ohhhh great gig!! Can anyone tell me tho why there was no support bands!!XD?? we waited to two hours!! and Muse just came on!XD
  2. ahhh Tá mé ana go maith!!

    bhí athas an domhain orm!:D

    Conas atá tú?:p

  3. Fáilte romhat! :p Conas a tá tú? ;) XD

  4. :D awwwwwesome!


    im Sinéad

  5. :D awwwwwesome!


    im Sinéad

  6. :musesign:Just a fellow Muser saying "Hello".:musesign:

  7. Hello!and who might you be?=]

  8. Matts hands,especially his knuckles(mmmmmmm.......), his neck,his nose(hehehehehe o.o),his hair,his eyes,that vein he gets in the middle of his forehead in bliss,his bum,his chest,and others things Doms eyes,nose,lips,smile,his hands and knuckles also(mmmmm.....knuckles....,o.o)his belly,his hair Chris' smile,and his weird mustasche
  9. Haha mobile internet...seems so hard! Would takes ages to type lol!

  10. Life is good lol! Nah Im try also to resist coming on here...and internetz in general...Im gonna waste my life here I think :LOL:

  11. yeah im good too

    omg tell me all about it ^__^

    im seeing muse in August, my first concert:LOL: im bricking it! XD

  12. Hello! Am good thanks- sorry for not getting back to you t'other day, was full of busy! Off to Portugal day after tomorrow to see certain band beginning with 'M'.....will tell all when I get back;)


    How are you?:happy:


    S x

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