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    Wembley 2007
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    Manchester LCCC 2010
    June 2013 Etihad;
    March 2015 Newport;
    2nd April Birmingham
    8th April 15 MANCHESTER ARENA
    9th April 15 MANCHESTER ARENA

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  1. Sorry, looking for a standing ticket, good luck though! :)

  2. Not sure if ive already messaged you!

    BUT I have a seated ticket for Manchester on the 8th that I would LOVE to swap for a standing on the 9th....let me know stephanieevance@hotmail.com or 07815 981 977


  3. Hiya - if your still looking for Manchester tickets I have one seated for the Friday and 2 for the Saturday due to my a few of our group pulling out

    I paid £84 each so i'd like as close to what I paid as possible...not going to make anything face value only!

    I'm in Manchester on the afternoon of Friday 8th so can meet there to meet?

    Let me know stephanieevance@hotmail.com

    or 07815 981 97


  4. Hiya Maria -I have a spare Manchester ticket - one on the 8th block 201 row d seat 6 - I just want what I paid back - as I cant go now. (We're going the night after)

    I paid £84 for it and i'd like as close to that as possible to re-coup what I paid. I'm in Manchester from the afternoon of the 8th so could meet you there?

    OR I have spare for the 9th gig too as a couple of my mates have pulled out...block 122 or block 110.

    All paid £84 for. Let me know if youre interested

    07815 981977 or stephanieevance@hotmail.com




  5. Hiya - i have seats for the 9th, but want standing!

    Fancy swapping?

    07815 981 977



    Also i got a sat on the 8th if thats any use?

  6. Hiya

    Im after a standing ticket for manchester on the 9th!

    Ive got seats but would like to swap - also got a seat on the 8th which i could swap the standing one for?

    07815 981 977

    Give me a call



  7. Hi not swapping but selling one seat on 8th April in Manchster and several seats on the 9th (3 spare i think!)

    £70 each and i can either post them or meet you there as im going!

    Not making a profit - just had a few pull out of the trip and want to get money back

    give us a ring 07815 981 977



  8. Hiya - not swapping but selling - at less than cost!

    I have one seat for manchester 8th block 201 row seat 6

    and a few seated for the 9th all for £70 each and can either post or meet you there

    give me a ring if you like 07815 981 977


  9. where in wales are you from, i also have tickets for me and the daughter and am looking to lift share, i bought the tickets hoping there would be a train connection from wrexham, but there aint, i would cover all fuel costs,i have car but the clutch is slipping and dont want to chance manchester but could travel so far, could you let me know asap, message me at mark@nu-ins.com or on this forum or check me out on facebook.

  10. Hi Stephy


    Im looking for 3 seats together no problem if you cannot do this..


    Thanks for the reply



  11. Hi Peter - I have another person interested in 2, so i really only need 2 now...is this any good to you or are you looking to swap all 3 in one go?

    Kind regards,


  12. Hi Stephanie


    I have 3 standing and Im willing to swap for your seated tickets please let me know if you interested??



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