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  1. wow I'm surprised they're allowing the line on the property--progress!
  2. Concert parking is always $40 there :/ I just received an email from TicketMaster that parking doesn't open until 5:30 today?!? Are there alot of people lined up? And is the line at the BART ramp?
  3. The camera policy is the same as at most venues--point and shoot are ok. If they ask, which they shouldn't, just show them it's not detachable. As for parking, the lot doesn't open until 4pm (unless it's changed), so you need to park at BART. Last time I did that (Muse years ago) it was free--I think they charge now. I was parked there from before light until really late, and my hubcaps were stolen...
  4. Every time I've been there, you line up at the stadium end of the BART ramp. People will be camping there and giving out numbers I'm sure. Then at 4:00pm (at least that was the time they used to always allow, although I haven't been there in a while) you get to move into the actual queue, which is on the south side of the arena. For one Muse show security actually escorted us over there (it's quite a haul), so it was orderly and we lined up in order with people from the parking lots being told to line up behind us. But for another Muse show we were all just running, and others who didn't queue were running from the parking lots (they open at 4;00) and it was chaotic. Not sure how it will go on Tuesday, but with the die-hard fans who are going to line up, I'm sure that getting into the actual queue will work out ok. After everyone is moved to the actual queue, you're close to will-call, so everyone can take turns getting their tickets. But if you wait until then to line up, you won't get barricade. People here line up REALLY early.
  5. Did anyone on here have vip for this show?
  6. Did anyone else buy vip? I did just because I hate lining up at Oracle --they don't let you on site until around 4pm, so you have to "line up" at the BART ramp and then hope at 4 that the line works as other people run in from the parking lot. Anyway, wondering if anyone else on here will be at the little pre-party haha.
  7. Oakland has plenty of floor and seats for the regular presale and the vip sale--come up to the bay!
  8. That was nerve wracking! For the first few minutes for the vip sale it said no tickets available! Then it would only give me seats (128 row 1). I almost bought those, but themn I tried on my phone on finally got floor vip. Whew!
  9. Hi Jessica! Laurel is done with the quarter in LA the week before the show, so I think we'll bring our little Mayan signs--do you think they'll work again??? Is anyone planing on buying the VIP tickets? I haven't decided yet. Do you need a code for the VIP, and if so, do you think it's the same code we received?
  10. Hey Sharon? This is Margarito from the Mayan show. I lost your number somehow. Are you still interested in the lolla passes for Paul McCartney?

  11. OMG your video is fantastic!!!! I'm so glad you got Hyper Music!!
  12. A huge fan who travels to see them was at the show, and she also told me that it was the first time they played it in the US, so I do think it's true. Still in shock haha.
  13. [quote=Corkscrewed; Hyper Music was played cuz some fans in the front had signs. Thank you to whoever you were!!! That was my daughter and I!!! In New York when we met them after the iHeartRadio show at the meet and greet, my daughter gave the band a list of song requests for the Mayan show haha. But we also made small signs requesting Hyper Music for the Mayan, and we held them low until Matt finally opened his eyes and really looked at us after Uprising and we started waving our signs. Then we he asked us if he should play it, we started jumping with our signs and kind of went crazy. Still cannot believe they played it holy shit. THE FIRST TIME THEY PLAYED IT IN THE US!!! I'll' recap our New York and Mayan adventures when I get back home to SF. What an amazing week!
  14. ^^^ that's awesome! Very happy for you! If anyone knows of ANYONE selling a ticket, please let me know!
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