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  1. Only Sydney and Melbourne, what a joke.
  2. DublinNeil

    Dig Down

    The only positive to Dig Down is that it isn't another Panic Station.
  3. SMBH is a really good song for what it is. I'm all for bands revolving and I embraced that transition from Absolution to BHAR. The 2nd Law though was terrible overall for me, summed up by how bad Panic Station is. They gave us a bit of everything with Drones and when it's good, it's really, really good. Dig Down, however, offers nothing new to what we've heard over the past six or seven years. It's just a shitter version, and is simply boring imo.
  4. After a few years of wall to wall disappointment, they suckered me back in with The Handler but it turned out to be false hope. Agree with the legacy comment, they're shitting on it with this nonsense.
  5. DublinNeil

    Dig Down

    It's such a bad song. Along the lines of what I expected given the promo material in the build up, but I didn't expect it to be *that* terrible. It's probably worse than anything on The 2nd Law, and that was Muse's previous low point for me (along with Neutron Star Collision, obviously). The "they're trying something new" line doesn't wash this time because it's similar to the last seven or eight years only not as good as Madness or Dead Inside, ironically two song titles that reflect my mood after listening to it!
  6. Could not disagree more. Good, not great, album and they've gone downhill with every release from OoS until now. Drones is better than The 2nd Law but that could've been improved on with a collection of different pitch fart noises.
  7. After about 15 listens, most of the songs on the album have grown on me. This hasn't simply because it's absolutely rubbish. Dull beginning, middle and end. I'll be skipping it regularly I think, and it better not be part of the live rotation like Guiding Light was
  8. It actually sounds a lot better when listened to as part of the album as opposed to just on its own because the uplifting tone works very well coming out of the darkness of The Handler. The two evoke completely contrasting emotions and in that regard it has merit, even if it's no more than an average song.
  9. Sorry but not every song has a positive, whether it's by Muse or anyone else. Critical opinions are an important part of being a 'muser' - being able to see through your love of a band to assess something objectively. There are plenty who will like something just because it's Muse ("The chorus is actually really crap but it's Muse so yay! \o/), that for me is worse than picking apart the negatives.
  10. I get why people think that the solo too long but I can't wait to see it live and it's the perfect length for a bit of a breather between a stomping beginning and end. The whole thing just gets better with every listen.
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