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  1. Claire, im worried... not replying to my texts, deleting your facebook and not being on here or msn. Nobody has heard from you either.... where are you :( x

  2. Just got your message! Yea, sorry about that dude. How are you? x

  3. Yup as you know ;) hahah :D xxx

  4. Hahaha probably be the same with me :LOL: xxx

  5. Haha aww. Its hard to get motivated aint it. Keep geting distracted :D x

  6. Heyy huni

    Yeh im good thanks, how are you? :kiss: xxx

  7. Merry Christmas :D luffs :p xxxx

  8. No problem :D I have been working haha. sucks. Hows uni? xxx

  9. Happy Birthday xxxx

  10. Rest In Peace Sweety xx

  11. I know haha! woo! Will say you say hello ;) Haha I doubt I will meet him ago, but never know :p xx

  12. I am indeed :D *huggles* xxx

  13. Hahaha I would just that it is now sold out lol. Yeh I was so jelous wen you saw him in panto :( lol I've seen him twice. His show and met him at Collectormania last May. Wow a whole year ago haha. Then 2 wks time wooooooo. Yeh the government is shite! really is, need someone who can help out single families in fairness tbh. Oh realy? didnt know that.. well they aint offered me that, so i take it is no longer happening lol. Aww yeh my bf is doing tonnes of revision over half term too. We nearly broke up yesterday, but we are fine now luckily hehe. Cant wait until his exams are over.. a whole month though. bad times. but means i can spend more time with him though hehe good times :D


  14. Aww well I hope the end result turns out well for you :happy:

    Im not 18 until next mnth so I cant sign on at the jobcentre yet. There is nothing that I can claim either because you can only get sumit if your parents chuck you out the house and you have nowhere to stay... Rediculous as my mother is a single parent and my dad stopped the money last year as I left full time education...


    2 weeks time until John Barrowman at Royal Albert Hall!! CANNOT WAIT :D


  15. Aww! did it go alright? haha 5 times? blimey :LOL:

    Yeh im fussy too. Im wanting retail or waitressing only ha. Thanks, im looking everyday and getting fed up now :( lol

    Yeh summers gunna be great, cant wait :D xx

  16. Good to hear :D Aww no! Good luck :happy: Keep calm :)

    Hahaha yeh im always on here now that I dont have a job haha


  17. hahaha I am indeed :D:kiss:

    lol yeh totally :p


  18. heyy :D I know been a while!

    yeh been really good thanks, how are you?


  19. heyy! yh gd ta and you?


  20. Hey, you said, if anyone has any suggestions on what should be in the movie we should tell ya... i think sit the fuck down should be in it :D

  21. been great thanks and you?


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