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    Art, listening to music, playing bass and piano, singing, performing in general. Friends and traveling, musicals and cats. Put those two together, and you get my favorite musical, Cats.
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    struggling artist
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Rage Against the Machine
    Lady Gaga
    Massive Attack
    My Chemical Romance
    The White Stripes
    The Dead Weather
    Composers include: Clint Mansell, Danny Elfman, Thomas Newman, John Williams, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Beethoven, Rachmoninoff, etc. Soundtracks are my thing, yo.
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    Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unforunate Events
    Requiem for a Dream
    The Fountain
    District 9
    Slumdog Millionaire
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    House, M.D., Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Mythbusters, the majority of National Geographic, music video runs, Current TV.
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    A Series of Unfortunate Events. 1984 (long before The Resistance came out). Eat Pray Love. Philosophical books.
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    Origin of Symmetry
    Hullabaloo Soundtrack
    Black Holes and Revelations
    The Resistance
    I has B-sides but not teh tangible form :(
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    3.13.10 - The Palace of Auburn Hills

    About time, dammit.
  1. what does it mean if I had a dream about Matt having his baby with a giraffe and not Kate Hudson? Little giraffe Bellamy's And my reasoning for it in my dream was "He's been known to do odd things like this before"
  2. I am selling two shirts that I bought last year from the shop's website. They don't fit anymore and my style has changed a bit... First one is the "vintage wings shirt", size L: http://muse.mu/shop/product/267/ladies-wings-vintage-t-shirt/menu/13/ladies/ Second is the black exogenesis shirt, size L: http://muse.mu/shop/product/176/ladies-exogenesis-black-t-shirt/menu/13/ladies/ I can sell each individually for $15 plus shipping, depending on wherever you're from. shoot me a PM and we can coordinate something
  3. I feel terrible after posing as Matt... poor guy. Oh well, hahaha Best parts are in orange. Â You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying. You: m 32 uk Stranger: 17 m canada You: hello Stranger: hi You: what are you up to on here? Stranger: nothing You: same, I'm so tired after my band's gig Stranger: cool Stranger: could i know this band/ Stranger: ? You: oh You: our band's name is Muse You: have you heard of us? Stranger: uh Stranger: i think so You: we're not immensely popular in north america You: but we're working on it Stranger: hmm Stranger: wuick question Stranger: birthplace? Stranger: lol You: cambridge? Stranger: huh Stranger: really.. You: why do you ask? Stranger: every member is 32 You: I know, we're getting old... Stranger: nah Stranger: hmm Stranger: how old is santana? You: Santana? Stranger: 63 Stranger: carlos santana You: oh, right You: I guess we're not nearly as old Stranger: roger waters Stranger: 667 Stranger: 67 Stranger: lol Stranger: yeah You: heheh You: compared to Mick Jagger we're like his sons Stranger: yep You: so what part of Canada? Stranger: ottawa You: ah, that's close to Toronto? You: great people there Stranger: yeah Stranger: i have to say Stranger: muse needs a better logo Stranger: lol You: oh You: hehe You: well, it's pretty easy to stencil if you ask us You: not to mention we copyrighted it about a decade ago Stranger: yeah You: it would be hard to change hehe Stranger: but logos change Stranger: pepsi Stranger: look at that You: you want our logo to look like pepsi's? Stranger: lol Stranger: mo Stranger: no You: coca-cola would be more timeless Stranger: but i mean Stranger: logos change You: oh, I see your point You: well, we'd rather have our music change than our image Stranger: why? You: the image we've established is true to ourselves You: whereas our music, we can experiment Stranger: i still dont believe you You: ...okay You: I really can't argue with you that our logo is bad... Stranger: lol Stranger: yeah You: what do you think it should look like? Stranger: hmmm Stranger: maybe some Stranger: shape Stranger: let me put it this way Stranger: hold on Stranger: lemme find it Stranger: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Dothack_logo.png Stranger: THERE Stranger: woo Stranger: see it? You: Oh, I see what you mena You: mean* Stranger: black and white Stranger: simple Stranger: but Stranger: every time Stranger: i see a hexagon Stranger: i think .hack Stranger: the stones have a mouth Stranger: muse Stranger: needs a shape You: we've incoporated hexagons into the image of our most recent album, actually Stranger: whats it called? You: suppose we could make the letters less thin, though... You: The Resistance Stranger: no way Stranger: there is Stranger: lol You: did you look it up? Stranger: yeah Stranger: lol Stranger: ouch Stranger: the reviews Stranger: "generally favourable" Stranger: lol You: we've had better, we realize after seeing how fans reacted You: but we're quite proud of what's there Stranger: lol Stranger: i ahve to say Stranger: in origin of symmetry Stranger: were they tuning forks? You: well... You: if you want to know the truth You: we were all high off our minds during that one You: but we like to think so haha Stranger: well Stranger: the tuning fork image Stranger: its nice Stranger: it could fit the logo Stranger: just saiyan You: actually the logo on oos is irregular compared to now You: but we'll work on something You: what's your name, by the way? Stranger: Dan J************ Stranger: lol You: lol You: my name You: is Matt Stranger: i know Stranger: lol You: lol Stranger: or at least Stranger: thats what you say You: I could have been Dom, you know You: Dom is always horny... Stranger: nope Stranger: diffrent birthplace Stranger: You: You: you seem like a true fan Stranger: nah Stranger: just a good Stranger: googler Stranger: lol You: hahaha You: clever mate Stranger: yeah Stranger: so what now? You: well You: I'm pretty tired Stranger: what time is it? You: it's about 5:16 in the morning Stranger: lol Stranger: its 1:17 am here You: wow Stranger: i have no clue why i'm up You: obviously because you're conversing with me You: but I have no clue why I stayed up as well Stranger: yeah You: I best be getting some sleep though Stranger: yeah You: thanks for the advice on the logo, i'll talk with chris and dom about it tomorrow Stranger: ok then You: (don't expect anything though, Warner Bros always has our heads :s) Stranger: well Stranger: promise to try Stranger: put some post up or something Stranger: you cant change without fans You: so true! You: you still seem dedicated, dan hehe Stranger: lol You: cheers mate! Stranger: ok then Stranger: 'cheers' Â Â Â tl;dr The guy is from Canada and he thinks Muse should make their logo less boring. HAHAHAHA, couldn't agree more
  4. I resorted to making my own one in the style of batik. Ended up giving it to the boys at the Columbus show a month ago. I hope they got it and, if so, they liked it
  5. last night was amazing. I thought for a month I wouldn't be able to go. I thought for six months that if I went I wouldn't get standing area. hahaha, well, was I wrong. I made my way to the chair I had in Sec 105, and it was the second row from the floor! I asked my mom to try and buy a GA ticket. She didn't have to if they were outrageously expensive. And she came back and brought me up to the ticket stand... I ended up getting a free ticket for GA in like 10 minutes that I showed up. I missed Metric, but I didn't care. And then I made my way into standing area. To like fifth/third row on Matt's side. I had a USoE flag that I made last April that I tried waving around during the song, but everyone behind me was drunk lol and I felt so dumb with it; I felt rude blocking peoples' view. I tried getting it onstage at the end of Knights of Cydonia but it missed it! So I went to the soundboard in the back and asked if Tom Kirk was around. The guy was like "I don't think so. :indiff:" But obviously he knew who I was talking about. I asked him his name (Mark, do any of you know him?) and asked if he could give the flag and a note to the band from me. While I was writing a note on a drawing for them (of Tom Morello, they get so many pictures of themselves ) about three security guys told me to leave the premises but Mark was like "two minutes, guys" to them and they immediately backed off, haha. So I know it's legit that they probably got my gifts. I only wanted to give it to them because I met Matt a little over a year ago (randomest place and timing on earth) and he never got my name i just can't believe that for three and a half years all i've wanted was GA standing close on Matt's side, and, without expecting it at all, I got it in a matter of ten minutes. the whole show was so damn surreal; I could barely think about what was happening on stage and think about the whole situation. y'all are gonna hate on me now, aren't you. I know I would
  6. i'm glad you do. thank you. :happy:

  7. I wouldn't say Muse immediately saved my life, but they've with no doubt changed it. I could write down all the things on here that they've done for me, but all I can think of right now is how much they've opened me up more as a person and how Exogenesis Part 3 consoled me after a classmate of mine died of a rare cancer. Right after another classmate died in a car accident in winter. Right after another alum of our high school died in a snowmobile accident. And right after another perished in Iraq. Oh, and right after one of the members of my church suddenly died. Death brings a toll on a person. This year at school was not good for me; Redemption felt like redemption from all the depression I went through (and still feel every winter (I'm pretty certain I have SAD, but that's a tad beside the point)). I'm so glad I met Matt. I'm so glad to have met the man that brings so much happiness to me and the rest of Muse's fans. I'm so happy one person or a couple people can have so much positive impact on thousands of individuals' lives.
  8. Same height. Or maybe taller. We were definitely at equal level when I met him. It was so funny because I felt more powerful than him hahahaha. *cough* I'm 5'7", so believe what you hear.
  9. hey.


    I really like this picture.




    hahahahahahaha :awesome:

  10. So apparently I didn't miss much. Except the after-party still going on right now. and visiting my grandma and aunt and uncle. Oh well. Math midterm is still math midterm. but guess wat. I'm going to Columbus. !!! This had better be better than tonight.
  11. Please tell us :D Somebody once met Dom in the bathroom LOL

  12. Oh, dear.... I mean, what am I supposed to say? You guys would never believe me. It was like... surreal. Like, I'm sure I could tell you, but I still doubt you'd think I was telling the truth. Maybe a picture would just tell you for now?
  13. Frenzied Silence made one too, as did I. You can see them in the Muse Art Thread. Mine's on my deviantart.
  14. Everybody is waiting for your story :p:chuckle:

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