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  1. I did IB. Great memories Good luck. So, that pesky extended essay. The most important thing is just to write to the criteria, and dig deep. I went too shallow for my English essay, meh. Don't describe too much. If you need stuff to fill up your word limit, that's not a good sign Everyone cuts massive chunks out of their essays. Except possibly the science kids because so much science can be described in so few words. Muse's influences seems kinda... descriptive, yeah. You can talk about Rach and Buckley and stuff, but looking at the actual chord progressions and things would be key, as you've said. So, focusing on what effects Muse's influences create and how they create said effects, rather than just identifying the influences. Random thoughts: the solo sound romantic thanks to the rubato and sudden dynamic changes. And the chord progressions, but you'd know so much more about that than I do. Extensive use of chromatics throughout. The delay effect on the bass, which is mimicked by the piano, is probably just a general metal/rock/Muse thing. On a tangent, it would be cool to look at the influence of the 'live' element on B&H. How the song changed from the studio version to the live version, and why those changes were made. Oh, and contrary to one of the posters above, I'm willing to bet that the examiner will listen to Butterflies and Hurricanes. They take marking seriously. My English teacher was telling me how they had to get a ton of books to mark people's World Lit assignments, and they had to chase down the right editions and everything. It's so cool that you're doing your EE on Muse. Good luck once again, and I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  2. ++ OP: name said five mainstream bands, please. Oh, and while you're at it, name five mainstream bands that sound like Radiohead. The National doesn't sound like Muse in general, but if someone told me Dom was guest drumming on Mistaken for Strangers, I'd totally believe them. http://www.myspace.com/thenational One awesome drumming track.
  3. I don't think they'll split officially, just kinda drift on with their lives and play reunion gigs when they're balding.
  4. Strangely enough, I can imagine Dom with a mane.
  5. Overrated by Musers or overrated by everyone else? By Musers, I'd say Citizen Erased. I reckon one reason it's liked so much is because it's not a single. It's embraced by the people who want Muse to stay out of the mainstream. Don't get me wrong, I love it too, and obviously it's a fantastic piece of music in itself. And Micro Cuts. It's now amazing live, and I also like the earlier version as seen on Hullaballoo where Matt sings it in fury and it's staccato and raw. But in the time of the OoS recording, his voice wasn't developed enough to sing it sustained the way he does. It hurts my ears... By non-Musers: the usual suspects. Starlight, Invincible, Time is Running Out... but it seems that Musers actually underrate these songs because they're so overrated by everyone else and don't represent the whole of what Muse is.
  6. My first Muse song was Knights of Cydonia. I remember listening to it so clearly. Someone put it as background music to a message board, and everyone was either rocking out or complaining about the alien noises. So I unmuted my computer to hear what was going on. It opened my ears to so much; I'd never heard anything like it. I clearly remember the strength of the (almost) a cappella 'No one's gonna take me alive'. Yeah, hooked ever since. KoC is special. I'd still love it anyway, but it's a nice memory.
  7. I totally agree that the lyrics are a part of the music. Saying that the lyrics are irrelevant and the music should be treated on its own means you're cutting out part of the art. Words are art. Music is art. Lyrics are in songs but that doesn't mean their meaning is worthless. Lyrics can be poetry. Not in the sense that lyrics are meant to stand alone as poetry, but they're just as much about the beauty of words as poetry is. At the very least, the sound of the lyrics contributes to the music. Supermassive Black Hole wouldn't be the same if Matt and Chris sang 'mumumumumu' instead of the lyrics, especially considering the prominence of the 's' sound in the lyrics. Makes it sound all smooth and spacey and sexy. Anyhow, I like the interpretation that the whole song isn't necessarily all about oil, but that the singer is comparing his relationship to global warming. On a lighter note, That Little Animal's interpretation is absolute class.
  8. Eh, I really like Hoodoo. If that counts as a pwoper love song. I agree about Unintended though. I actually like the line 'you could be my unintended' just by itself. But then Matt shoves 'extended' in there and I think, you just did that to rhyme didn't you?
  9. Hehe, true, at least they would have made sense to Matt at the time. My main problem with things that 'don't make sense': if it doesn't immediately make sense, but it prompts you to think about it and interpret it, it's cool. If it sounds good, it's cool. But I reckon some lyrics do neither and these are the ones I dislike most.
  10. Re: Zerikou: I totally agree. Lyrics aren't just about meaning; they can be just as artistic as poetry. Assassin is a great example. Sorry if I gave the impression that I only wanted a straightforward interpretation of lyrics instead of taking the artistry into account. Re: the lyrics of Screenager, Musewiki reckons "It is about technology and how it separates people even further rather than bringing them closer together... also about self-harm". Personally I reckon it's about a person who has changed for the worse. The narrator is urging them to "remember who you were", because "who you were was so beautiful". But something has happened to that person causing them to change, putting "holes in our souls", "scars on your skin", "cracks" in the mirror, and making them unrecognisable to their family. No idea about the "post no bills" part though; I always laugh when I hear it.
  11. Because it's interesting to see what meanings other people have found in them. To me, that's also a way of enjoying the music on a different level. Thanks Liz. Personally I interpret it as such: when a person experiences an emotion (like sadness, as you said) it's a personal thing, but it originated from things that happened in the world, and you can see your emotions reflected in other people in the world, so you can link them both to the world and to yourself.
  12. Well we have the 'Best Muse lyrics' thread and the 'Worst Muse lyrics' thread, so why not? Post lyrics you want explained here. For starters, a lot of people seem to like 'link it to the world, link it to yourself', but what does it mean? What is 'it'? Is 'it' 'the love for what you hide, the bitterness inside'?
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