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  1. Adding some thoughts to the mix.


    It took me ages to connect to with this album. After several plays I am enjoying it a lot more musically, but part of the problem for me (apart from some songs sounding like they came out of a musical initially) has been that it is meant to be a story but the story didn't evolve well for me; it seemed jerky, inconsistent, lyrics didn't flow on from one song to the next. I also didn't like the fact that the album is in two halves musically.


    Thus I have changed the order of listening for my own enjoyment. For me, the following order flows a lot better and feels more meaningful, as well as building from a quiet start to a heavy middle musically and then to a softer reflective end which I prefer to it being cut in two. Part of it may be listening to it several times - as it usually takes me a bit of time to connect with songs, but, for me, the reordering has also given the album coherence that seemed, for me, missing initially.


    So my reordering is:

    1. Aftermath (renamed) - this for me would be better as the beginning of the story - when the protagonist falls in love. The fact that he finds love seemingly randomly in the second half of the album doesn't work for me, as there is no build-up and it seems almost forgotten afterwards. Plus the lyrics in Globalist kind of conflict with the protagonist finding love again.

    2. Dead inside - the relationship breaks down and he starts to block off his feelings.

    3. Handler - This the full rejection of the relationship but also relates to the deadening of feelings which allows the darker forces in.

    4. Drill Sergeant/Psycho - the joining of the army/radicalisation - in ordinary life this could be in the context of attempting to find outlets for suppressed anger/and hurt feelings and - in line with the story that is being told here - suppression of emotions that lets no feeling in. It is empowering but ultimately destructive.

    5. Reapers - full on warfare.

    6. Mercy - Recognising the destructive behaviour (own and of the powerful) and looking for a way out and help.

    7. JFK and Defector - when the protagonist finally rejects any type of controlling relationship and destructive behaviour.

    8. Revolt - the WTF song makes more sense to me when taken as intentionally weirdly out of place and jolly - in the context that the protagonist joins a peaceful resistance movement - so an attempt to resist global warfare by getting together in a group, dressing up in colourful clothes and delivering optimistic messages. Otherwise it is just a bad empowerment song! lol

    9. Globalist (which could be renamed Aftermath)/Drones - a more sombre and sober summary and reflection on the course of events/emotional course and resultant wreckage (including the protagonist's own part in contributing to the wreckage) and the crux of the story that all of it (including the destruction of the whole world when taken to the extremes of narcissism) was because one person needed to be loved.


    As for favourites - Handler, Dead Inside, Aftermath (I think now, after not liking it initially), Globalist and Drones.

  2. I managed to get tickets without any hassle. There was a generic code on the mailing list email.


    I couldn't see any kind of code on my email. I just checked it again, and still can't see a code. Not that it matters now, but for interest's sake.

  3. There were some given out on Twitter, Facebook, and the email list. It looks like tickets are gone now.


    Yeah I saw there were some being banded about. Didn't know where they came from and they didn't work. Never mind. I was in two minds anyway, so didn't try hard enough.

  4. I just posted that in the other thread, but I've just had a thought: the gig is happening right after the world premiere of the film and is being held especially FOR the premiere of the film, so we might have a screen showing us the premiere at Leicester Square, and the people at L Square, in turn, will have a screen to watch the Muse show... otherwise there's no link to the premiere at all. It would just be a gig held nearby! I has a feeling that's what the two hour wait is for - premiere stuff.


    I think it there was to be a film premiere at the gig, they would have said that. No it will just be standing around with recorded music playing most probably.

  5. It's unreserved standing, details say last entry is 9pm, open from 7pm. No idea what time Muse will start though.


    That's a good point, don't know when they'll be coming round again, will def try.


    Thanks. :)


    Yes obviously I meant that it might be my last chance of seeing them this tour, not forever, hopefully, but it could be another three years.


    I also think that Isolated System sounds great for this film and I want to see the film. I guess the premiere is for celebrities only, but will go and see it locally afterwards.

  6. Dizzee Rascal was bad in my opinion.


    Muse were, of course, brilliant. My brother and son felt it was the best yet. I wasn't sure about all the actors, but I loved Unsustainable with the Robot. Loved that we had Blackout, B&H and, of course, all the regulars. I liked the visuals, particularly that we could see Matt playing the piano keys. We all enjoyed the visuals for panic station and I also enjoyed the visuals for Uprising. The visuals were better than the last stadium tour. Easier to see the band on the screens. I love the fact that Matt and Chris came right out into the crowd. And when the piano was at that end. I would have preferred Unintended as it has been performed previously. I can't see the point of Matt not playing the guitar basically, unless he is doing the walkabout bits. It also sounds better with an acoustic, particularly if you are in a part of the stadium where the sound isn't so good. I also had to sit at the back of unreserved seating to fit in with other people, which obstructed my view if I stood up, but overall, fantastic. :D

  7. I may still try for tickets, despite the fact that it is only half an hour, since it is probably the last chance of seeing them and they were brilliant yesterday of course. Does anyone know whether it will be seated or standing?

  8. Well I for one was in the dark :LOL: The crazy clothes had me thinking this was a very early 2001ish picture (I hadn't seen it in this forum so no date)

    Oh right, Kate's in the shot too!


    Kate? Why would the other person be Kate?

  9. Oh it just dawned on me at the scene where Matt leans against the wall before the golden person comes, haven't we seen this before?





    I feel silly for not noticing earlier now but I somehow thought this was a really old picture and never made the connection! Ha, we had a sneak peek since October and never knew!


    (Oh and sorry if this has been posted already)


    Erm I think we did know. Or is it usual for Matt to strike a pose like that wearing those clothes?! :chuckle:

  10. Apparently the band have already read some fan comments (and replied!) so they know. Best to wait and see what happens.


    Where have you seen that they have replied? Aww it's a shame anyway. There's always something isn't there?!


    I'm not sure whether the video quite comes over, though perhaps that's just my mood, but they obviously had fun. :)

  11. Looks like they made a gigantic cultural blunder there, judging by the torrent of angry, horrified comments from Asian fans below the video. The giant Rising Sun Flag at the beginning of the video is considered incredibly offensive in many Asian countries (especially Korea and China), where it is associated with right wing Japanese imperialism and the war atrocities committed under it.


    It's essentially the Asian equivalent of having a giant spinning swastika. :erm:


    Whoops! I am sure it wasn't intentional though.


    Interesting video! lol!

  12. I like the deeper articles that Matt does.


    Interesting how that when Matt says, we don't want it to be about us, so we make it about the show etc, that gets interpreted as him being up his own arse or whatever, when it's kind of the opposite.


    Also interesting that he says "that the human experience itself is a battle against the oppressive force of nature". I would have reversed that and said that humans attempt to oppress nature, well at least we seem to think that the natural world is there for us, rather than that we are part of it.

  13. Many of Oasis songs are examples of classic pop song writing with memorable melodies, obviously due to their 60's/Beatles fixation. I think many of their songs are great-Live Forever, Don't look back in anger are quite wonderful. Can't stand Wonderwall, even though I get why it's such a classic.


    Noel is obviously the talented one. Even though Oasis's best moments obviously were in the mid-90's, I don't think he's run out of good songs. I really like "Death of You and Me" by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. His songwriting obviously comes from a certain point of view- a simple, memorable tune. I remember him critisizing Muse songs not having that quality:






    I kind of see where he is coming from (as someone who loves a lot of 60's music, it truly was the best decade of pop), although I don't agree that a song must be simple enough to be played by the campfire to be good.


    No nor do I but, I don't know. I am sure there are plenty of Muse songs you could play around a camp fire if you were so inclined. :D

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