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  1. Thanks :3 I love it too

  2. Aw thankyou Kris :happy::happy: Means a lot :kiss:

  3. Kind of?

    Where are you going with this? :LOL:

  4. Err... thanks? Unexpected :LOL:

  5. Erica! :'( Did I do something wrong?

  6. Why aren't you talking to me? :'(

  7. WHERE ARE YOU? :( I hope you haven't died or anything :supersad:

  8. Where've you been? :( What about our Franziversary?

  9. Aww :(


    Yes omg :LOL:


    I hope so :happy:

    Yeah I know :LOL: Myspace is fail.


    Oh yes :D


    So, night :kiss:

  10. I know, right :LOL:


    Pfff :p



    It was really out of the blue though :stunned:

    Mm, same. I think I only have a myspace one on mine :chuckle: lol, myspace.


    I'm thinking of watching like all of Party Animals :shifty:

  11. I like crime shows in general, but the CSI franchise is just awful :LOL: <3


    Pfff. This time it's true though :p


    YES and he just gave me his phone number out of the blue. What should I do with it haha :chuckle:

    You know I don't pay attention to those things :LOL: *goes to add you*

  12. :awesome:



    CSI Miami is so shit, I don't blame you :LOL:


    It's really not :chuckle:


    Buckle added me on facebook finally :happy: He even wrote on my wall <3

    Hey do you have a facebook? :erm:

  13. Yes, I do :D




    They're all like that :LOL: Except the special ones about for various things, like the Who one I just made. The funny thing is there's puns like that in the show :chuckle:


    Yes :happy: It's not very good though :LOL: It's based on half a pun supplied by Boozey :p

  14. Aww :(


    Lol me too

    Matt can ride my mechanical bull anytime :eyebrows:


    lol okay. This is a usual Horatio meme:



    Oh the template is so other people can put their own joke in :yesey:

    It's the mildest spoiler ever, but... I want you to see that bit for yourself :happy:


    Alright, night :kiss:

  15. Of course I will :LOL:


    How good would it be :awesome:


    Hey! There's a Franz one now? :D They're usually to do with crime, being from CSI Miami.


    Too late :p I'm done pic searching, but I'm sure I could dig some up :eyebrows:





    I made a pathetic one with Boozey's help but I can't show it to you because mild spoilers :p

  16. Oh where've you gone now? :(


    I'm looking for Matt pics for the Horatio thing, so you'll be seeing some tidbits :D


  17. Omg that would be amazing :LOL: I really want to see that.


    You know those CSI memes, with the horrible pun and then Horatio puts on his glasses over the top of the glasses he's alright wearing, and then it's like, YEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH


  18. Heyy I'm trying to make on of those Horatio memes with Matt, help me come up with a pun :p

  19. :p


    Haha, awwww :chuckle:


    No of course, I shouldn't have expected any less :LOL:



  20. I know I was the same. Specially during the Big Bang, but during The Pandorica Opens as well I was gasping or laughing or swearing or tearing up :LOL:


    I know right :(

    Exactly :p Welll we can go on spams and all that :D




    I know, but Matt looked the funniest :LOL:





    It's defs worth the wait :yesey: In fact waiting probably makes it better when you do get to watch it.


    Rory :D

    You probably have no idea how he could get out of it, but trust me even if you did have a theory you'd never guess. That doesn't really make much sense now that I've read it back :LOL: What I'm trying to say is how he gets out of it is surprising :p


    That's gooooood :awesome:

    Yeah I know how funny did he look on the contraption :chuckle:

    Ner ner no hints :p

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